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Baby-Registry-ListA few months ago, we wrote a few posts about baby registries and why every single parent that is expecting a baby needs a baby registry! We’ve given a few tips and advice in regards to baby registries and to ensure that you include absolutely every single baby product that you need (but often forgotten)!

Baby registries can be used to assist you as a parent in receiving everything you need to start your role in parenthood. Baby registries are most commonly used when having a baby shower; and in saying this, they are a necessity for every baby shower.

Baby showers are wonderful opportunities to show off your baby bump to your swooning friends and families and let the shower you with baby gifts. It is also a great time to get great (or not so great) parenting advice from other experienced mothers who will regale you with delightful motherhood stories. You might want to disregard the less than pleasant ones though.

Customarily, guests to a baby shower are required to bring with them a baby shower gift and in most instances, some people are quite at a loss on what to get you, as there are thousands of baby items. Nevertheless, do not let that faze you, not even a little bit.

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How to Make the Ultimate Baby Registry

Don’t be Shy, Guests will Actually Thank You for It

You can customize the list of baby shower presents that you need for your baby shower without coming off as pompous or patronizing. Guests will honestly be so overwhelmed on what you need or want that giving them a baby registry will be heaven for them. Thanks to Amazon online registry, you can send an invite to all your friends for the baby shower and attach a baby shower gift list.

Add Products From any Site!

To make your baby shower gifting process easy and exciting, Amazon makes it easy to create baby registry on their websites, and it opens you to a world of baby shower gifts possibilities. To kick off your baby shower adventures, Amazon bequeath you a free welcome gift box (valued at over $40!!!!) with several products for you, the baby and the baby daddy.  These aren’t just small sample products. The welcome box I received had some awesome things that I didn’t need to buy (eg. baby bottles, baby formula, nipple cream…..)

And if you aren’t keen on baby registries for some reason, you can always opt for your guests to give you a subscription box. I love this idea from as you and your guest are both winners. They buy you something that is useful and full of value, and you get a surprise box, full of all the baby necessities you need. Check out their post, baby spring gift ideas here.

All the Help and Guidance You Need

The online store boasts excellent gift ideas for baby shower and at times this can be mind boggling, what to choose, what to leave, what to include? Relax they’ve got that bit covered as well. There are thousands of reviews on each product, and none of those ‘sales’ review aimed at selling more of the products. Honest reviews from real parents. Amazon, which has the best baby registry, also features a baby registry list for your baby shower to give your insights into what other moms are into acquiring.

If your need personal input, you can recruit your close friends and acquaintances to customize your baby list registry with just the right kind of products – from booties to onesies, crib to strollers. Baby shower registries even allow you to acquire items from other online stores just to create a unique baby shower gift list. And you can usher your newborn into the world in class and style.

Just remember, not everyone thinks logically when buying children’s gifts for any occasions. It just doesn’t happen that way, hence why a baby registry or even a birthday registry is a great idea these days!

Easy to Use and Easy to Give to Guests, Family and Friends

Just email your online baby registry to the guest list and they will love you for it. What’s more, they can acquire any item on the list and have it shipped directly to you before the baby shower date.

No Duplication of Gifts

So you get everything you need, not 10 of 1 and nothing of another

A online gift registry helps you to avoid duplication of gifts for a baby shower. Once an item is acquired, it is marked on the list, and everyone on the list can see the remaining baby registry gifts and make the appropriate purchase to ensure you are fully equipped with everything you need for parenthood.

However, sometimes that is never enough to deter duplications on baby shower gift items and hence Amazon lets you return the ‘unsuitable’ gifts with the utmost discretion. Moreover, they ship the purchases from your baby registry free of charge.

Savings, Savings, Savings

Speaking of ways to save money, Amazon afford you up to 10% discounts on your baby catalog items, 15% discounts if you are on Amazon Prime, to save your quite some money for other baby items. (And don’t worry about limits, although the Amazon baby registry caps discounts at $5000; this is honestly plenty to get you covered with everything you need, thus you have quite a hefty discount as you prepare for your baby shower)

Save on Diapers!

To round it off, Amazon Moms lets you acquire diapers at highly discounted prices long after your baby shower, and you have acquired all the items on your baby shower registries.

Amazon, being the largest baby registry website, boast the best baby shower gifts and the great variety of items on offer can cause you, without proper guidance, quite a dizzy spell.

But there are some nuggets of gold that will lead you down the right path as you prepare your baby registry items.

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