Don’t Have a Baby Registry? Here’s Why You NEED One!

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To many a soon to be moms, the excitement of bringing a new life into this world is filled with equal measure dread and delight. A delight from the prospects of starting a family and experiencing the beautiful cooing sound only a new born baby can make. And dread, it all starts off very exciting picking the right crib, dresser and change table but it can all end up too much, and this results from deciding on the endless baby products, where to get them from and where is cheapest.

Whether you have an idea of an baby registry where you can acquire your baby items or are just feeling in the dark, there are quite a number of baby registries that can help you with this decision; but none of them can hold a candle to the best baby registry service from Amazon.

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Why An Amazon Baby Registry..

Backed by their wide variety of in a baby shower registry, Amazon provides a one-stop shop for all your baby shower gift list, all the while enjoying massive discounts.

Quick Summary of the Benefits:

  • It’s the ONLY baby registry that allows you to ADD ANY PRODUCTS FROM ANY SITE, that’s right, you read that part right, amazing hey? (skip below for more details)
  • Ahhh, one of the best features, a FREE Amazon Welcome Box (valued at over $35), a nice and unexpectd gift that no other baby registry gives (skip down here for more details)
  • Discounts, Discounts, Discounts – You’ll interpret the word discount very differently after signing up, it may just allow you to spend your ‘savings’, on someone that may need it just as much – you (it’s crazy, let me tell you how much you can save!) (Skip to the discounts section for more details)
  • Your chance to win $500 sweepstakes (no purchase necessary)
  • Save BIG TIME on Diapers (see here for more details)
  • Search other peoples registeries for help or get help from other parents as thousands of parents are online the same time as you (skip down for more details)
  • No double up gifts from family and friends (you won’t get 5 breast pumps or 3 baby monitors (see here for more details)
  • Available anywere, anytime

The registration process at the baby list registry is breezy, Amazon is all about convenience.  Consequently, they have reduced the sign up process to be the best place for baby registry which only takes a few clicks of a button. Just login to the website, key in your details on the online registry and you are halfway through making your online baby registry complete. Not only for your piece of mind but for also every one of your friends who are unsure of what to get as baby gifts for your new baby.

Add Any Products From Any Site

“Matchless customization of baby registry check list”

Well, Amazon might be the largest online store in the world but your baby registry list preferences might be more exotic than their collection can accommodate. That is okay; you do not need to set up another registry with other players – just use the special add-on feature in your baby registry and add that product from any other site.

There are untold fringe benefits that result from having your babylist registry at Amazon. For starters, you enjoy free shipping on most items bought from your baby registery – and this extends to items in the baby registry bought by your friends and family. Amazon baby store ships all items to your address so your friends don’t have to receive them and then send them to you – isn’t that convenient, straight to YOUR door?

Moreover, the system generates cute thank you note list that lets you send gorgeous thank you notes to your friends and family – that’s really cool also? It only takes you to click buttons of what you want and probably a phone call to that long distance relative to say thanks!

Free Amazon Welcome Box

Among other benefits, an endearing aspect of the this baby registry is that Amazon welcomes you with an Amazon Welcome Box  which is valued at over $35, just to appreciate your dedication to being a good parent and signing up to ones of the best baby registry stores. what is in the welcome box, hmm? Well, that is the best bit; it is a surprise, albeit a good one that includes sample baby registry products as well as some good stuff for you as well.

I can’t know for sure what they are giving parents at present but my Welcome Box included:

  • A 5-pack of Philips Avent Baby Bottles (saving me $27.99)
  • Enfamil Infant Baby Formula (saving me $12.99)
  • Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion (saving me $19.98)
  • Happy Baby Organic Baby Food 2 Simple Combos (saving me $22.28)
  • Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash (saving me $17.28)

and…. some other stuff that I needed such as Philips Avent breast pads and baby wipes

Remember: I didn’t pay for any of the above, they were given to me FREE when I signed up my baby registry.

When a selection of baby shower gift list strikes your fancy, and you would want your little bundle of joy to use them, put them on the baby registry online.  How to arm twist friends to getting you gifts off that list? Just email them links to the baby registry on Amazon and they can decide what Amazon registry baby gift to buy without imposing on them – they will love you for it. Trust me, it worked for me not so long ago.

MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on your baby registry items

Ah, so now you have settled on the items you require, and (only at Amazon) they will already apprear cheaper than anticipated as there is no online store that is cheaper for baby products (I used to be a bargain hunter and I started checking the price of things when I had my first baby, I soon realised, I was wasting my time, Amazon is way cheaper than any other online and retail store – you just can’t beat their value and service).

And want more piece of the pie? How does an immediate discount called the ‘Amazon completion discount’ of 10% sound? (There is more discounts to flow your way, so keep reading!)

Sounds good, well, that is how much Amazon registry completion discount a regular baby registry is entitled to on Amazon baby items valued up to $5000, that’s pretty cool so there is pretty much no limit like elsewhere. A discount of up to $500 is something worth cherishing.

Feel that you need an even higher discount, say 15%? Well, Amazon is the one and only that can make that happend for you aswell (I already mentioned that straight off the bat Amazon has the cheapest prices, but in addition to there, what I like to call it ‘add on discounts’, there is not other way to save, and I mean save BIG TIME – if you are on Amazon Mom).

If you are an Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom, not only are you entitled to these discounts on Amazon but get an extra 5% discount, but also you are entitled to other rotating time offers not constrained to parenting ebooks, maternity savings and discounts from may other companies on Amazon..

Baby Registry Sweepstake…

This I must admit took me by surprise – the baby registry sweepstake – where you stand to win a $500 gift card every week. Yes, every week and better yet, you need not purchase anything – simply for being a baby registry member. I haven’t won it to date but just the fact that I could win it is something pretty cool.

Save BIG TIME on Diapers

Planning ahead and starting a baby registry was a brilliant move for me because I thoroughly appreciated the 20% discount on diapers, compliments of Amazon Mom.

In case you didn’t know, the little bundle of joy goes through a lot of diapers by the time they start calling you mom and by planning ahead you are saving a whopping 20% off diaper cost resulted in a substantial saving that I put to great use – still on Amazon (but for someone that needed it just as much – me!).

I’ve written more about buying cheap diapers, click here to read more!

Get Help From Other Parents

Want to know what your sister’s friend brand of stroller is? Hop straight on and search for her registry for inspiration. You get to see what other parents buy as you can search the baby registries for inspiration on what to include in yours.

You can also get help from other parents as thousands of parents are online the same time as you buying and reviewing items they have just bought. You get to see in real time the best selling items and newly released items (some of which, as a new member, you get to access baby products even before they hit the market, it’s something that I haven’t taken advantage of but I’ve seen how it works).

Additionally, if you are lost in the millions of baby registry must haves Amazon has to offer, check out the honest reviews by thousands of parents on the baby registry online and make your selections. What’s more, the must have registry items with new parents are easily accessible as well as reviews of them.

Not comfortable taking advice from strangers on what to put on a baby registry? Create your team of registry advisors by inviting your close friends to your baby registry at Amazon and amicably debate on what to put on your baby registry.

No Risk of Getting 5 of one product and 3 of another

And don’t worry, unlike baby gift online where duplication is rampant – imagine having two baby cots – the bump baby registry inform users of the items that have successfully been acquired. This spares you the awkward moment of having to return Amazon registry baby gifts items in droves.

But in the event that it does happen that you need to return Amazon baby items, Amazon does not mind at all – not at the very least. The Amazon baby store understands that babies are well, babies and a lot of changes might occur after they are born. Consequently, you can send the items back – free of charge – and they don’t even tell the givers that you sent items back.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Should you feel the need to adjust the baby registry checklist based on some brilliant product you have seen on the road – just log in to the registry from your mobile device. The registry checklist is accessible from virtually anywhere you are and anytime you want – no limits whatsoever.

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