Baby Registry Essentials: Baby Products Often Forgotten, But Needed!

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A Kind Word Of Wisdom: This list will not include the products that parents think of first when they have a baby such as a crib or changing table (we all know about those and we have already discussed these extensively….).

Today’s list is all about baby items that are overlooked, forgotten and never thought of. Unsure whether you start a baby registry, read our latest article as to WHY you NEED a Baby Registry in your life!

They include small but very important and essential baby products that I will add to regularly to ensure you are fully prepared for parenthood. If you have any that you would like to add, please contact me so we can make this list ever-so-comprehensive for the ‘new to be parent’.

If you are reading this, don’t write these down or set a reminder. Start a baby registry right this  minute (I’m talking about right now, otherwise you won’t get around to it later) and add these products straight to your registry, don’t delay any further.

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Baby Registry Essentials: Baby Products Often Forgotten, But Needed!

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Baby Registry Essentials:

The Baby Products Often Forgotten, But Needed!

1.Infant Carriers – Well, why would you need a carrier when you can opt for a classy stroller? Unfortunately, the most valuable player (MVP) in your life – the baby, might veto your choice and preferences. After nine months in the womb environment, babies need to be constantly held and a stroller doesn’t quite make the cut – infant carriers should top baby registry items.

2. Diaper Cream – Might seem obvious but in most cases it is filed under ‘we’ll get it on a need basis’ – a big no no. A word of advice, diaper rashes do not give much of a warning and despite your best parenting efforts, your baby will develop nappy rashes and things can get out of hand pretty quickly, so always have one on hand and have one handy (I’m implying to buy in multiple). And I think a Mom of twins would be able to tell you that with 100% certainty. Check out Sabrina’s blog with some other Current Baby Favorites for a few other things such as diaper rash creams.

3. Baby Bouncers – Despite all the love you have for your little bundle of joy, you’ll need to put them down at times, and in most cases against their will. A baby bouncer is a great compromise, it features soothing movements that will keep your baby happy. All this while you attend to their food, take a shower or just to catch five – why not add this to your baby shower gift list.

4. Bulb Syringe – I have to admit, it is not the most appealing item on the baby gift registry, but it is important. Your little angel is bound to have mucus blocking their nostril at one time or another. Wouldn’t you rather a quick home remedy as opposed to a trip down the ER? I would settle for the home fix.

5. Infant Tylenol – Fevers love babies and toddlers, and in most instances, much to your chagrin, make an appearance in the middle of the night. Wouldn’t you rather have some of this fever-combating aide on the baby registry items, than make a trip down to your local drug store at the dead of the night?

6. Night Time Soothers – An additional technology that afford you a peace of mind and helps the baby to enjoy better sleep – this should be on the baby registry. The soft noises and gentle lights are soothing to the baby should they wake up in the middle of the night – right back to sleep again. No more fitful sleeping patterns for the both of you.

Ok, the list is really endless, these are just a few small examples. However, also don’t forget there is a few items that you need for your comfort aswell, even before baby arrives. If you are here reading this, are pregnant and can’t sleep at night, you need to equip yourself with a pregnancy pillow like all pregnant women need. Plus, hear it from mothers first hand themselves, here 🙂

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