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While setting the baby room for your baby, the one important thing, apart from the the essential items such as the crib and crib mattress, is a changing table.

A changing table or change table dresser is where, in the first few months, you will spend a lot of your time, so it’s a piece of nursery furniture that needs to be safe, sturdy, handy and with plenty of storage space. By having one, it will help you out when you need to get the ‘dirty work’ done without getting your hands and house dirty without one. With literally thousands of changing tables and change table dressers to pick from, how do you know which is the right one and what to look out for when buying one?

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Changing Table Guide

Do You Need A Changing Table or Can You Do Without?

Changing Table or Change Table Dresser?

Change Table Accessories & Organization

Types of Changing Tables

Best Brands in Changing Tables

Here we have included the Top 4 best brands in changing tables and change table dressers as voted by ourselves and thousands of parents worldwide.

1. Babyletto Changer Dressers

Babyletto is among the top rated brands by parents for their changing tables that come in the form of a change table dresser.

View Babyletto Range: Available Here

♥ Fits With: Babyletto Changing Pad

View All Babyletto Changing Tables:

Hudson (UK/Europe: Click Here)

Modo (UK/Europe: Click Here)

Scoot (coming soon)

Lolly (coming soon)

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This is my personal favorite brand for many reasons because I also have a Babyletto change table dresser myself and I use it everyday and it makes my life so much easier

These baby changing units with drawers are the most Eco-friendly baby products on the market. They are made from the safest materials to use around and in your baby nursery as they are made from 100% non-toxic and top quality fine pine wood.

Change table dressers are now more popular than buying the traditional looking change table

And if talking about the changing tables, no other brand offers you such a large variety in baby changing tables with drawers in different colors. When you are changing the nappy of your newborn, you are already in hustle that you cannot afford to run between the drawers, closet or cupboard (where you keep all the baby stuff) and to the changing table. So a baby changing station with drawers is what every Mommy needs in her baby nursery room.

But the thing that attracted me more towards this brand when I was looking at buying a changing table, is that is the brand for modern Mommies who want something a little more chic, simplest and something different for their ‘coming soon’ babies in comparison to the other changing tables you will see from the other brands below.

Babyletto provides you a few different options: 3 drawers, 5 drawers and drawers with cabinet kind of variety and all come in different heights to suit best for both short and tall moms.

Grey-and-White-Baby-Change-TableAs I mentioned above, these changing table dressers you may be spending a little more but remember….

These change dresser last all a lifetime because they turn into normal chest of drawers (with change table attachment to be removed easily, just an unlock feature). You are typically buying 2 pieces of furniture for the price of one.

You can buy any individual Babyletto change table or you can match it with the entire range of nursery furniture. I personally found the Babyletto crib that I wanted (as that is the centerpiece in the nursery) and then I proceeded to buy all the matching Babyletto nursery furniture to match, including the matching changing table to match the set.

If you have already bought all other nursery furniture for your baby, don’t worry. Babyletto changing tables designs are so simple and beautiful, they can match any nursery furniture anyway!

You will see a big difference in the Babyletto design compared to the other more traditional cherrywood and dark wood changing tables from the other brands.

♥ Where to Buy: Here

♥ Buy in UK/Europe: Here

♥ Fits With: Change Table Pad and Covers

2. South Shore Changing Tables

If you are going to decorate the baby room with plain colors but want solid wood furnishing in whites and also dark wood colors, South Shore offer a great and also highly popular range of solid wooden diaper changing stations.

South Shore: View Entire Range Here

♥ South Shore in UK/Europe: View Entire Range Here

The ‘Savannah (featured above) is best selling nappy change table from the South Shore brand as it includes both open and closed drawers which many parents find the best combination for a changing table

Get This Look: ♥ Changing TableDoor Chest

South Shore also has a range of matching nursery furniture to match the changing table including bookcases and other furniture (your options are not just limited to what is shown in the image above, South Shore have an extensive range of furniture, check out the entire South Shore range here).

This means that you can also put baskets in the open storage space of this changing table to make it look more elegant and trendy.

This changing table by South Shore comes in three different colors to complement the décor of your baby room. All furniture made by this brand are eco-friendly and safe for your newborn. This brand of baby changing table will go smoothly with your budget and you will find it of great use.

♥ Where to Buy? Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

♥ South Shore in UK/Europe: View Entire Range Here

♥ Fits With: Changing Pad

♥ Matching Covers:  Changing Pad Covers

3. DaVinci Changing Tables

If you are looking for more solid wood changing tables, then you might like DaVinci changing tables, DaVinci also has another broad range of changing tables with different designs.

DaVinci Changing Tables: Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

♥ Buy in UK/Europe: Available Here

The most popular DaVinci changing table is the one featured in the image above

Get This Look: ♥ Changing TableCrib4 Drawer Dresser

The DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer, includes three drawers that provide you a desired storage space to put all the baby things. The drawers are wide and they come in 6 different colors.

DaVinci furniture is made from non-toxic wood and finishing is known to produce more of the traditional type of furniture for a more vintage looking nursery.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ Fits With: Changing Pad

♥ Matching Covers: Changing Pad Covers

4. Badger Basket Changing Tables

When talking about storage space and tables, no one can forget to talk about the Badger Basket range of changing tables, which has been providing us with beautiful and comfortable changing tables for 70 over years now.

Badger Basket Range: Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

♥ Buy in UK/Europe: Available Here

The Badger Basket brand has always offered parents a wooden change table at an affordable price

You might find a Badger Basket changing table in your Granny’s house that was being used for your parents. Badger Basket is still offering many styles in baby changing tables from closed drawers with lots of storage space with open shelves that can be used with baskets.

There is also the Sleigh changing table which is a changing table with three drawers and a big storage basket available in five different colors or the baby changing table with six baskets made of wood, metal and canvas, both have their own beauty and benefits.

You can store lots of baby stuff and clothes with this changing table and appreciate the storage space offered by Badger Basket Company.

Badger Basket Range: Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

♥ Buy in UK/Europe: Available Here

♥ Fits With: Changing Pad

♥ Matching Covers:  Changing Pad Covers

5. Delta Changing Tables

Delta is a changing table brand that is budget friendly so if you are tight on money, this is a great option.

Delta: View Entire Range Here (Get Free Shipping)

♥ Buy in UK/Europe: Available HereDelta-Baby-Diaper-Table

♥ Fits With: Changing Pad

♥ Matching Covers: Changing Pad Covers

If you have fixed a budget or you have spent a big amount of your baby room on the ‘prominent’ things such as the crib, crib mattress, rugs, storage then this brand is quite affordable

The Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table which is featured in the image is the most popular and best selling changing table by Delta.

Delta changing tables come in four beautiful colors including: black, cherry, espresso.

Keep in mind that you will need to buy baskets to use its storage space properly as this diaper changing table has open storage space without drawers. Also, you will need to move it to some other room or at least remove all the stuff from its shelves as soon as your baby starts crawling. It also comes with safety belt and a changing table pad

Do You Need A Changing Table or Can You Do Without?

A changing table or a changing table dresser is a must have in your baby room.

FYI: a dresser is now more popular than ever before and is something I personally have and recommend.

Read on to find out why I love changing table dressers a lot more than the traditional baby change table.

Basically, being a parent already brings a lot of extra workload and you definitely don’t want to add to it by avoiding an essential thing of your baby room furniture.

Having an organized and well stocked nappy change table or dresser will help you get the job done without getting into a panic because in the first few months you will find yourself most of the time around the diaper change table.

As with their only mission of drinking milk, newborns often keep on peeing and pooping at least 10-12 times a day. Yeah, don’t get terrified, it’s true. So choose your changing table wisely (whether it being a change table or a dresser with changing table), keeping all the below mentioned things in mind.

There are many lessons I have learned over the course of being a parent that will help you in getting all the baby stuff in time, let alone the best changing table that will make those diaper changing sessions not feel so long and repetitive (well, at least by having a good one, you make your job a lot easier!).

Changing Table or Change Table Dresser?

If you are not sure what the difference is, here is a quick explanation and I will show why changer dressers are so popular and why I personally recommend a change table dresser rather than the traditional looking change table.

Also, I find many parents these days (including myself) buy both the dresser and the changing table as the dresser is part of the nursery furniture set anyway and what parent won’t tell you that the more storage you have the better!?

A dresser is typically known as an ordinary 3 or 4 drawer dresser, just like the storage drawers we typically use as adults. These days, many companies now include a changing table accessory that can be locked into place on top of the dresser so it can be used as both a set of drawers and a changing table. This additional ‘change table accessory’ can later be unlocked and the 3 or 4 drawer dresser remains looking beautiful and can be used for the rest of the child’s life.

In saying this, don’t worry, many many parents still buy the traditional change table as they still come with many benefits over a dresser (eg. easier to move around the house and can be a little cheaper).

Change Table Accessories & Organization

Here are few baby changing table essentials that are really necessary (many of these, I would recommend buying at the same time as buying your change table to tick all the essentials of the ‘change tables/diapers’ off your ‘to do list’ completely!

Change Table Pad – I would firstly recommend that you view the matching Change Table Pad with the brand of changing table you buy as you will be sure that the dimensions of the pad will fit the change table. I have included the matching change table pads for each brands below to make it easier for you. For a changing pad that fits most changing tables, you can look at this one also.

Changing Pad Covers (View Range) –  You will need at least 4-5 of these minimum! (If on sale, I would recommend getting as many as possible!). As inexpensive as they are, having numerous of these won’t break your budget and they will save you a lot of laundry time, trust me! You can get them in hundreds of different colors and designs so it’s a pretty exciting part of baby shopping. Each brand of changing table pad normally have a matching cover that is recommended to buy as it will fit the change table pad dimensions perfectly. I have provided these below for each brand, however if you want to buy an affordable brand in changing pad covers, you can look at this brand also.

Storage for Changing Tables – Ideally, you will want to buy a change table that allows for as much storage as possible. In addition to this, you must buy as many extra accessories, organizers and baskets as possible to neatly organize everything in this list. If one thing in your life that can be organized once a baby comes along is the diaper station.


♥ Diapers

♥ Baby Thermometer

♥ Nail Clippers

♥ Anti-Rash Baby Cream

Mittens, Socks and Caps

Extra Pajamas / Clothes

Baby Face and Body Baby Lotion

Baby Wipes You will be needing a lot of them! Buy bulk to save money.

Non-Petroleum Jelly – To soften the belly button.

Nose Sucker – When baby is on the changing table that is the ideal time to clean his/her nose.

Fever Reducer – To use after the vaccinations and you must know the proper dosage for your baby.

Bibs – The more the better, at first you will find yourself changing bibs and diapers after every hour.

Hand Sanitizer (it’s for you only) – Personally I am not a huge fan of hand sanitizers but they are popular in this day and age and many parents find the need to use them. For me, I just wash my hands thoroughly. IF you are going to buy a hand sanitizer, buy a natural alcohol free hand sanitizer.

This list of what you need on your changing table will continue to get updated, these are just the essentials that come to mind straight away. Feel free to contribute any essentials that you really relied upon as a parent by leaving a comment below. Your comments are most welcome!

Types of Changing Tables

The Traditional Changing Table

The traditional changing tables are the ones that are mentioned above. These are the most popular nappy changing stations that come in two types, open storage space (the traditional looking nappy change table v closed storage place which are a baby dresser with drawers and an removable changing table attachment on top).

A baby changing table with drawers (baby changer dressers) are becoming extremely popular for many parents these days but both are good according to your requirement. As mentioned above, for my second child I bought the Babyletto white dresser and changing table for the nursery and I absolutely love the products and the brand in general as their products grow with my child, the changing table on top is removable and the soon enough the, ‘once a modern changing station’ will soon turn into a modern dresser for my toddler, then teenage, then adult.

Both the traditional changing tables and changer dressers are usually made of solid quality wood and look beautiful. You have options galore – you can buy them with drawers and use that storage space for keeping all the baby changing table accessories. I personally believe, the safest change table for babies are the traditional ones and dresser changing tables rather than the wall mounted change tables or folding changing tables below.

Folding Changing Tables

If you are tight on budget, folding and portable baby change tables will suit you best because they are cheap, but these tables cannot be used for storage purposes, you cannot store all the baby stuff in it and use it as  handy. But it will be useful for traveling and for moving around the house as you can easily take it in the other rooms of your house.

I would only personally recommend buying a folding changing table for traveling purposes as although they are affordable and cheap, they are typically made of plastic which is not as safe and sturdy like solid wooden change tables and can not be used on a daily basis.

Wall-Mounted Changing Tables

Changing tables fixed to a wall are a great idea if you have not much space, but again this is only a changing tray, you won’t find much storage space either and I am telling you freely that I am afraid of using the wall mounted changing table as to me, it doesn’t look like the safest changing table I would wish for my kiddo. Some people are ok with using one but personally, the are not for me.

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