How to Get Your Kids Playing Outdoors (Including One Way You Probably Haven’t Even Thought Of!!)

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Sunshine. It’s one thing that your child and other children their age might seriously be lacking. I know mine sure was.

Nowadays, everything is all about technology. You’ll even notice that some of your toddler’s toys have even changed to focus on technology instead of the good, old-fashioned outdoors. Take LeapFrog tablets and play phone sets for examples. Who knew that climbing trees and playing in the sandbox could go out of style?!

You’re also probably aware of the connection between child obesity and this crazy tech obsession. It’s hard to miss. So what can you do to stop it? Well, it starts with getting your toddler excited about outdoor play time at an early age. I know my child was super curious as a child and you can use that to your advantage to get them excited about playing outside while they’re young!

However, this isn’t always the case for some parents and their children. It wasn’t until I read the other day, some kids just aren’t all for the outdoors. In addition to creating anticipation to get outdoors using some interactive ideas that I have provided below, it’s also important to understand what to do when your kid is not an outdoor type. This article by parentaljourney really helps you understand the root cause of them not wanting to play outside and will allow you to create an environment where they will want to play outside more often. Just remember  these ideas that I have provided below aren’t your typical ‘outdoor kids games’ or activities. If you are having trouble getting your toddler or young children outside, these ideas will definitely have them intrigued to get out of the house in no time. So go on, try them and I’m sure your children will want to play outside more often.

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Nature is so very important for our children. The smell and feel of it is like nothing else. I remember when my kids were so intrigued by leaves and they used to want to touch and smell them all the time. It’s such a shame when I hear stories of Mom friends I have and how guilty they feel that they never get outdoors with their kids. My own sister is even a culprit of not spending enough time with her children, let alone spending time with them in our beautiful, fresh, natural surroundings. If you too, sitting here reading this, aren’t getting your children outside playing in the fresh air enoughh, I’m sorry to say, you really need to make it a priority. Nature will teach your children other more important things than technology or plastic toys will ever teach them.

One story that really touched my heart was Tanya and what she advocates on her blog. Her family and her are amazingly adventurous. She sets a great example of small ways you can get outdoors with your children and your husband more often. You don’t have to be as adventurous as she is, but her blog post about the family that plays together, stays happy together, really sums it up perfectly for me on how important it really is to be outdoors with your family more often than you think!

But like I said, you don’t need to be adventures to give your children the ‘time’ outdoors. There are simple ways that you can help them get their imagination running wild outdoors. Try these 4 brilliant outdoor activities with your toddler that will actually have you calling their name to come inside after spending a long day in your backyard or neighborhood. Scroll down for more!

Go on a Geocaching Adventure

Have you ever heard of geocaching? Don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was either not too long ago! When I was first trying to find out some fun ideas to get my kid outside, a friend suggested I take my son out geocaching.


Geocaching is one big community scavenger hunt where you search for little treasures hidden throughout the area where you live. You and your toddler can go find them by using a compass, map, and other cool gear to make it feel like a real adventure!

Splash into Some Fun with Water

Playing at the pool is a timeless summer tradition your toddler is bound to love! Try getting an inflatable pool like the one pictured below or any of those we recommend below also that you can use right in your own backyard. It will save you the hefty cost of a pool membership and your kids will still have a great time!


One pool game my kid still loves to this day is Angry Birds: pool style. To play, you stack inflatable noodles with other toys in the pool in front of a basketball net outside of the pool. To win, your kids will have knock down the toys with water balloons and get one in the basket before you, the bad piggy, tags them. Cute right?

For the best inflatable pools that your toddlers and young children will absolutely love, check out these safest ones as recommended by us and many other parent’s (and toddlers!) aswell! Best Seller – Intex Rainbow Kiddie Pool, Dinosaur Kiddie Pool, Inflatable Pool & Play Center, Intex Dinoland Pool & Play Center.

Alternatively, if you don’t have space or a garden that allows for pool games, but the whether is getting hotter, you can always opt for some other water activities that your young children can play with. There is endless options available. One in particular that I found recently on SouthernMommas blog post about outdoor fun for little kids is this water rescue pack.

Grow Your Child’s Love for the Outdoors (Pun Intended)

Another thing to encourage your child’s love for the outdoors is gardening. Yeah, yeah. I know you might think that sounds totally boring to your toddler but don’t knock it ‘till you try it!


You can plant something that’s really delicious and fast-growing like tomatoes or strawberries. My children adored this growing up and were always  begging me to let them water their plants because they loved seeing how quickly their plant was growing each day. Not to mention, I got free groceries in the process and I’m all about that!

Don’t forget to equip your children with some kids gardening sets and toys so they actually have their own gardening toys to play with. To get the job properly done, they’ll need a rake, spade, watering can amongst other garden tools. Only invest in the best gardening tool sets for kids which include those by ROCA toys, Kids Wheelbarrow and Garden Tool Set or this Kids Garden tool set with tote bag.

Yes, getting your children involved in gardening will be messy, but what outdoor activities for toddlers and young children won’t be messy? And why not? When it’s outdoors, what really matters? Getting my children involved in gardening is something I want to keep doing as they get older. And you don’t have to make it difficult or complex by planting vegetables like I mentioned above, like Natalie & Rachel’s have shared on their blog, BasicallySprinkles, all you can do to get them involved and have some fun is by planting herbs with the kids which you can read here. Another idea is this kids outdoor painting idea. All you need is scrap cardboard and Crayola Washable Paint. What a fantastic idea!

Look for Buried Treasure!

It’s every kid’s dream to find real life treasure, so why not help your child make that dream come true?? You can get your toddler excited by mapping out a homemade treasure hunt and even get the neighborhood mom’s to help too!


Use a piece of construction paper (if you want you can also buy one online like the one above from Amazon if you’re not that crafty) for the map and hide clues along the way in areas around the neighborhood (or your backyard for added safety). Your child will absolutely be obsessed with this creative game and pretty soon you’ll find it to be a fun tradition!

treasure map outdoor activitiesYou can even buy a pretend treasure chest or some cute pirate costumes like the ones below from Amazon that they can use again come Halloween (talk about a great money saver).

toddler pirate costume boytoddler pirate costume girl

Feeling inspired? Try these awesome outdoor activities or come up with your own and let me know how they worked for you. Your toddler’s childhood is precious, so make it a healthy and happy one,  outdoors! 🙂

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