Preparing For Baby: All the Basic Baby Items You Must Have Before Birth

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The nine-month or so journey is nearing completion, and a real MVP (most valuable player) is coming to your house – yes, your very own baby is finally coming home to roost. Everything must be laid out correctly, the house well organized and properly arranged.

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However, this MVP player is a a different league, for all intent and purpose they are exclusively on a liquid diet until further notice. However, just because feeding is sorted, doesn’t mean everything else is. You need to have as much ready as possible and there is plenty of things to buy for a baby.

However, believe it or not, most expectant mothers don’t have a heap of time on their side and are not fully ready for when their baby arrives; and that is totally ok.

That is why we have provided a short checklist for newborns to ensure you are buying all the baby basics and newborn baby essentials. All you need is just the uttermost basic baby items that a newborn needs.

So what are the must have baby items that should be on your ‘baby stuff’ list? What are the most important baby necessities, baby accessories and baby essentials that you need to have ready in preparation for your newborn baby? What do newborns actually need?

Here are is a newborn baby list including the most needed newborn necessities and essential baby items to see you through.

Baby Shopping List:

Basic Baby Items You Must Have

Before Birth

1. The Basics


1. Diapers   2. Diaper Rash Ointment  3. Changing Pad Covers  4. Wipe Warmer  5. Diaper Pail

6. Baby Wipes  7. Waterproof Changing Pad   8. Non-Talc Powder


Until such a time that they start using a potty, your baby is going to be in diapers and first on our baby checklist is this. It’s also one of the first things you should think of and first things to buy before baby arrives. Of all the newborn baby stuff, you will need to buy diapers the most and in excess!

What You Need & How Many? You will need as many packs of newborn diapers your budget allows, baby wipes, and of course, diaper rash ointment. A waterproof changing table pad and about two changing table pad covers made of cotton.

It is also nice to have non-talc powder to help the diaper area dry faster, a wipe warmer, and a diaper container – they are especially lovely.

2. Bath and Grooming


1. Infant Tub  2. Hooded Towels  3. Wash Cloths   4. Baby Comb & Brush

5. Baby Nail Clipper Set  6. Cotton Balls and Swabs  7. Bath Thermometer

Second on our newborn shopping list, is baby toiletries, these are essentials for newborns. Babies have very sensitive skin, and utmost care should be used in regard to bathing and personal care – always settle for products from reliable and trusted brands when shopping for baby.

What You Need & How Many? Things babies need are at least 2 hooded towels, about 4 wash cloths, an infant tub and baby bath wash. Cotton balls and swabs are quite necessary as are baby shampoo, combs and brush sets and a nail clipper set. A bath thermometer takes the guess work out of the bath water temperature.

Layla’s Advice:

♥ The bath wash should preferably be organic, like this #1 rated organic baby wash, available here.

♥ Ensure you buy a baby nail clipper set, not adult nail clippers

♥ Cotton Balls and swabs should be purchased for baby (here). Do not use adult ones.

♥ Another handy item (contributed by our reader, Angela): Spout Cover

3. Clothing


1. Snap-crotch Bodysuits/Onesies   2. Baby Rompers   3. Snap Clothes 

4. Baby Cardigans/Jumpers    5. Booties   6. Socks

Third on our baby essentials checklist is of course, a special outfit for your little one. You will need something a little special to bring your newborn (MVP) home and to show them off to doting relatives. You might want to hold out on the showing off bit for a couple days. Yes, you will indeed need way more than just one newborn outfit. In hindsight, from a mothers experience, like Beth from TheMamaJourney there is way more baby and toddler gear you will need. But again, if you lack time, these few essentials will definitely have you prepared for your little newborn within the first few weeks to months.

What You Need & How Many? So you will need to add to your baby supplies list at least 7 snap-crotch bodysuits or onesies, 4 or more snap shirts snap-up rompers and 7 pairs of pajamas or sleeping gowns. A couple of cardigan sweaters and cold hats are essential in keeping the baby warm, and 6 pairs of booties/socks should keep the small cute toes warms and well covered. When it comes to newborn baby items, clothing is one thing you need to buy multiple of!

4. Bottle / Formula Feeding


1. Formula  2. Bottles  3. Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer 

4. Bottle Cleaning Brush  5. Cotton Bibs

6. Formula Dispenser Machine

Feeding is a most crucial element of motherhood and a basic need of a baby. We recommend it’s sorted before birth and not overlooked as one of the baby things to buy. New mothers need to adequately buy items online from the basic baby list that make the whole process relatively breezy.

What You Need & How Many? What do babies need? In getting ready for baby, a set of about 8 bottles with newborn nipples, a bottle cleaning brush or dishwasher basket, bottle drying rack and most importantly several weeks’ worth of baby formula. A set of 6 or more cotton bibs and 6 or more burp cloths make feeding time more enjoyable. It is also nice to have a bottle sterilizer, dry formula dispenser and a bottle warmer to complete the baby essential list. Oh and when it comes to buying formula, to save money, you’ll need to buy in bulk.

Layla’s Advice:

♥ A Formula Dispenser Machine is highly recommended for all parents. A small price to pay for convenience and accuracy every time.

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5. Breastfeeding


1. Breast Pump  2. Nursing Bra  3. Breast Milk Storage Containers

4. Nipple Cream  5. Nipple Pads

The adage goes that breastfed babies grow bigger, faster and are general more pleasant and brighter people.

What You Need & How Many? To make breastfeeding more comfortable some of the essential newborn baby items to buy are: 2-3 nursing bras, 2-3 boxes of nursing pads and a nursing pillow.

It is also nice to have a breast pump, manual or electric, breast milk storage containers and nipple cream (for the first few weeks). Setting up for breastfeeding completes the list of baby items needed.

♥ For the breastfeeding brand that I personally recommend read: Best Breastfeeding Products

♥ Click here for a complete bottle feeding and breast feeding checklist.

We hope to provide new or expectant parents with simple baby tips to ensure your role as a parent is as smooth as possible; hence we hope the above simple newborn baby shopping list helps in your endeavors to prepare you for your new arrival. If you have anything to add, please just leave a comment below. We value your feedback, for we as parents, need to give as much help to other parents.


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