What Are The Best Baby Bottles To Buy?

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Now you are probably on your way to furnishing your baby nursery and preparing the house for the new addition to the family. One important baby product to research fully, before committing to buy, is the brand of baby bottles you wish to use for your new born baby.

Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, buying baby bottles is one of the most important baby products that you still ought to do. The hard task is choosing the best feeding bottle that is suitable and happily accepted by your baby.

YES! Don’t be so surprised! Newborns can sometimes reject a baby bottle without any ‘known’ reasons (of course infants do have their own reasons), hence why I always suggest having a few different baby bottle brands on hand so your baby can decide which they prefer.

If you have any idea of how many products are out there when it comes to baby bottles, there is literally thousands! We found it so much easier, breaking down the best infant bottles based on the type of baby bottle to suit your needs. This should make the decision a whole lot easier for you!

So, which is the best baby bottle brand? Really, you have to decide depending on your individual needs, baby’s needs and circumstances as explained below.

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What Else Do You Need?

1. Newest Baby Bottles in 2016: The Only 100% Plastic-Free Infant Bottle

New-Baby-Bottles-2016We always aim to keep this list entirely accurate and up to date, hence this year we have included the latest, newest and greatest arrival in the baby bottle arena, and this is surely a good one.

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This brand in baby bottles is the only one that can claim to be 100% natural. Each baby bottle is stainless steel but comes with a natural vent nipple.

No BPA, no Plastic, no Lead, no Phthalates, no EA and no petroleum derived toxins that are harmful to your baby

Not only do these baby bottles rock for being so natural, they are super handy as well, for 2 reasons:

1. You can fit nipples from pretty much any brand on these baby bottles (so no hassles in converting from your current brand to this one)

2. It is an anti-colic bottle, supports breastfed bubs and converts into sippy bottle, water tight drink and snack container for use with the ages!

2. Best Baby Bottles for Breast Feeding

Worried that your baby will get used to a baby bottle and won’t want breast anymore? Well, this range of breastfeeding bottles by Medela put’s your worries at ease. It is the best bottle for breastfed babies as you will be able to feed your baby with them but still protect the breastfeeding! It is that simple with Medela.

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You can easily switch from breast feed to bottle feed and then again breast feed with these as this is the brand producing the best bottles for breastfeeding moms!

Medela breastfeeding bottles provide the best range for breastfeeding Moms as they have been awarded the ‘best bottles for breastfed babies’.

The traditional best bottles for breastfeed babies from Medela is the set featured on the top right (click the image for more info).

Medela-Calma-Baby-BottlesNEW: Medela have introduced a new range of breastfeeding bottles (bottom right, click image for more info), the Calma range. The new and improved breastfeeding bottles range mimic the motions of breastfeeding using a new design that requires your baby to create a vacuum, following the natural breath and suck patterns, similar to that of breastfeeding.

If you are going to breast feed your baby, either the traditional Medela Breast Milk Bottle Sets that have been around for years or the new generation in bottles for breastfed babies will surely suffice all your needs. You’ll be guaranteed that the Medela range of baby bottles has breast milk feeding nipples that give your baby the comfy Mom feeling, they aren’t rated teh best bottle for breastfed baby for nothing!

3. Best BPA Free Baby Bottles

The Philips Avent feeding bottles are the best BPA free natural polypropylene baby bottles (and they are also one of the best anti-colic bottles, in addition to the one we mentioned below).

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♥ Buy in UK/Europe? Click HerePhilips-Avent-Baby-Bottles

These baby bottles are the most natural way to bottle feed as they are 100% BPA free baby bottles

These wide necked Avent baby bottles, known as the ‘avent classic bottles’ are based on an innovative system of twin valves to prevent air bubbles in your babies tummy. All Philips Avent bottles are made of polypropylene that eliminates the risk of BPA.

Avent-Infant-Starter-SetPhilips-Avent-Glass-BottleFor Newborns: The Philips Avent baby bottles above are the most popular, however they are not appropriate for newborns. This Avent Newborn Starter Set, available on the left is what you need!

POPULAR: Another hugely popular choice for Philips Avent lovers is the new range of Philips Avent glass bottles (to the right, click image for more info or to buy). Again, joining the list as popular picks in glass baby bottles.

4. Best Baby Bottles to Prevent Acid Reflux

I love NUK baby bottles! I mean, who doesn’t love cute baby bottles, when the baby bottle sets come in such cool designs for both girls and boys! There is no other brand quite like the Nuk. For me personally, they are my favorite brand in baby bottles.

nuk-baby-bottles♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

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One of the only brands which has been designed alongside dentists to ensure healthy infant oral development

Not only are the Nuk bottles designed to prevent acid reflux, they are designed to promote healthy oral development in your infant. They started out in 1956 alongside dentists to ensure their range of baby bottles delivered the highest standard of oral care aswell as preventing colic and acid reflux.

Another awesome feature of NUK bottles is that they are designed to ensure that the bottle milk is mixed more effectively with the baby’s saliva to ensure proper and easier digestion for your baby. Amazing, hey?

5. Best Baby Bottle for Premature Babies

Premature babies have weak sucking reflexes and so you need to make sure you buy preemie bottle. Not only are Dr Brown’s baby bottles very popular amoung parents of all baby ages, they have a range of baby bottles which are the best for premature babies.

Dr-Brown-Baby-Bottles♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

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♥ Preemie Baby Nipple: Available Here

Dr Brown baby bottles are designed similar to breastfeeding, designed with positive-pressure flow for vacuum-free feeding

If your baby is a premature baby you might need a particular bottle to help him suck the milk and Dr Browns bottles include a great range for exactly this. And what else can be the choice except Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles with natural flow. Also don’t forget to purchase the Dr. Brown’s natural flow Preemie standard nipple (available here) that is specially designed for premature babies.

For Dr. Brown’s baby glass bottles, click here

6. The Easiest Baby Bottles To Use

Sick of finding the lost parts of the bottles?? Playtex plays really safe; the Playtex drop in bottles provide an easy to go collection of baby bottles. So much so that Moms have awarded this range of Playtex bottles the first position for ‘ease of use’.

Playtex-Baby-Bottles♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

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This BPA free baby bottle by Playtex is not only comfortable and easy to use, it is designed to prevent ear infections in infants.

The BPA-free baby bottles feature a new and improved silicone vent, which allows for an improved flow rate, making it easier for baby to drink

They is easy to clean and saves you a lot of time. Travelling, outing, or just dropping the baby at daycare, Playtex Drop-in feeding bottles are really very user friendly.

For Playtex Nurser Bottles, click here

7. Best Heat Resistant Baby Bottle

The best high heat resistant bottles for babies you can get your hands on are by Born Free. This high heat resistant classic bottles are indeed the best feeding bottles without any fear of getting damaged by  any exposure to heat.Born-Free-Bottles

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It is worth every penny you will spend on buying it. As it will go a long way with you and your baby

What does high heat mean? The high heat resistant baby bottles from Born Free allow you to place them in the top or bottom rack of the dishwasher. They can also be boiled for 5 minutes to sterilize, ensuring uttermost sterilization.

Popular: For Born Free BPA Free Glass Bottles, click here

8. Best Breast Flow Bottles for Formula

Why I choose this Breastflow bottle by The First Years as best formula milk bottle? This infant bottle can be used both for breast milk and formula and it provides your baby a ‘flow’ just as you expect in breastfeeding.

the-first-years-bottles♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

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88% of Moms using the First Years bottles reported that their babies have experienced less fussiness, less spit up and less gas.

Breastflow bottles need both compression and sucking, thus the formula milk works just like breast milk.

9. Best Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle

What I love about Nuby bottles is that they are wide-neck feeding bottles and they have teething nubs to soothe your baby’s gums.

Nuby-Bottles♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

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Apart from being anti-colic, all Nuby bottles are Phthalate Free, BPA Free, Latex Free and PVC Free

Nuby bottles also have an anti-colic valve system, allowing your baby to manage milk flow properly, hence why we have included them here under anti colic bottles.

Nuby anti colic bottles are the best bottles for colic as the company prides itself in being ‘all the baby’s comfort and health’

10. Best Newborn Baby Bottles

Adriri Newborn Nurser baby bottle is leading the category of ‘best baby bottles for newborns’ for one reason; they are made and look like a boob.

Adiri-Baby-Bottles♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

♥ Buy in UK/Europe? Click Here

This BPA free baby bottles supports a smooth transition from breast to bottle

The way the Adiri bottles are designed (using pure flow and being bottom vented), it’s really an innovation and it is truly called a baby nurser (as the name suggests, LOL), they also prevent colic.

Your baby will have the true feeling of breastfeeding and Mom will get the peace of mind. Fair deal indeed.

So if you want the best bottles for newborns, give Adiri bottles a try!

11. Best Bottles for Combine Feeding

Tommee Tippee is not only a leading brand of baby products, they are also one the top brands for baby bottles. The range of Tippee Tommee bottles, the ‘closer to nature bottles’ will work super perfect for the transition from breast to bottle to back to breast again.

Tommee-Tippee-Bottles♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price (Inc Free Shipping)

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Tommee Tippee bottles have a wide neck nipple for easy latch on

Tommee Tippee bottles provide natural feel nipple which is said to be ‘just like Mom’, aswell as designed using a venting valve which allows fro slow flow, ensuring less air and less discomfort for your baby.

So if you intend to mix breast feeding and bottle feeding, you must give Tommee Tippee a try (Medela is also a very good option too, the No.1 choice above)

12. Best Glass Baby Bottles

If you are fond of glass feeding bottle and you know you can handle one, Evenflo glass bottles are the safest bet for premium quality baby glass bottles.

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Evenflo-Glass-BottlesYou aren’t afraid of BPA with glass baby bottles as they are the healthiest baby bottles as they provide ultimate sanitizing and sustainability.

In addition to Philips Avent glass bottles, Evenflo bottles are the best selling range of glass baby bottles that do not only look stylish but actually work really really well.

The nipple is response sensitive and responds to baby’s pressure to allow the milk to flow.

What Else Do You Need?

So that concludes the list of parents choice bottles and top baby bottle brands. We’ve only includes the best top rated baby bottles, and most popular feeding bottles to buy as voted by millions of parents worldwide and have excluded the rest, pretty much, if the brand isn’t included in the above list, it’s either not recommended by parents or not safe or effective enough to use.

But wait, there is always more when it comes to babies! So just when you are ready to select the best baby bottles for newborns and at the same time do not forget to buy the other feeding essentials.

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♥ Extra Nipples and Teats

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