Do Your Children Love Books? Well…Display Them in the Cutest Kids Bookcase Ever!

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Today I’m going to share with you all a not so little big product that I consider to be a luxury purchase of mine recently. I didn’t know whether this was worth sharing on the blog today, but I thought – you know what? I’m a parent and I have a blog, I think I should share everything I do and buy as a parent because even the smallest little tip or idea or just me writing something, might just bring some new ideas to your life as a parent aswell. Or even if it just brings a smile and a giggle – that is enough for me.

So today’s blog post isn’t a ground-breaking one, but I am sure it’s useful for all those parents out there thinking of and researching what sort of bookcase you want to buy for your baby nursery or for your children’s bedroom. Yes, you can buy bookshelves and bookcases for your baby nursery or children’s bedroom that are the normal furniture looking type. And yes, they have their place as a piece of furniture, but if you want a bookcase for your baby or child that will be a ‘feature’ piece of furniture and is really a cute bookcase, then this Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase is something you will love. It’s something my husband and I splurged on recently for our children, so today’s blog post is kind of like a little review of this tree bookcase by the Babyletto brand.

For me, I have always loved reading books since I was a child, and now that I have a young ones of my own, I thought that maybe they would love and appreciate books as much as I do. And any book lover would know that I absolutely love keeping my favorite books and displaying them.  And even so, if you aren’t a bookworm, it’s still nice to be able to display your children’s books in a beautiful way, instead of cramming them in a corner or box or just on a shelf somewhere.


Of course, I know what you are thinking? If you’ve just had a baby and had to splurge on the baby crib, high chair, crib mattress, baby car seats etc etc, the last thing on your mind will be a book shelf…But it won’t be long until you will start reading to your children, every single night and sometimes, many times throughout the day..So it won’t be long until you start thinking about where you are going to display all those books. Trust me, a bookshelf in the nursery or your children’s room will definitely be something you will indeed need to buy, whether now or later on.

For a bookworm like me, good books should be stored in good shelves. And on the topic of books, I get a lot of questions about which are our most favorite books for young children. I will cover this in a separate blog post, but for now, generally my children change their favorite books I’d say every 2-3 months. Our current most favorite books are from a London based writer, Dr Niamh Books that has both personalized and non-personalized bedtime stories, including the new Find My Name in the Alphabet Train. You can view the range of books available here.

To continue what I was saying above, on my part, I did not want just an ordinary looking shelf but something that is both useful and at the same time will serve as a feature piece of furniture in my daughter’s nursery. Buying a nursery bookshelf is easy, but I believe they are boring, that’s just my opinion. So, I thought buying a bookcase that looks unique was the best choice for our family, hence why I bought this bookcase, unique enough? What do you think? I totally dig it! (Don’t worry, it’s not just available in green, there is a few colors to choose from…)


Honestly, I am not that good with DIY’s and I don’t have the patience to customize stuff such as bookshelves. That’s why I admire all those posts on Pinterest. I would love to have a skillful hand when it comes to cake decorating, and other skills that require a talent for intricacy, but I am not. Believe me, I’ve tried and I can’t even draw a straight line, well not really, but you get me right?! Especially when it comes to kids activities. I see so many adventurous and crafty moms online that have blogs and share their really cool craft ideas and activities to do with their children. One blog that I especially admire, is Magen Golden, not just for her awesome ideas, but also her parenting style which you can read via her parenting posts in Mommy’s corner.

Anyway, once I found this Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase, I was sold. I am not much for flowers and all those colors, so I thought the white one would be nice for my daughter. When the bookcase arrived, I was excited to see it mounted in my daughter’s bedroom wall, and was worried it might take a lot of work. But my husband (who has excellent skills with carpentry and DIY’s) was able to secure it on the wall just fine.

The bookcase can hold my daughter’s books and she absolutely loves it. Plus it forms as a nice feature piece of furniture. The bookcase looks great in the bedroom and helped modernized the entire room. It’s a great way to save space and keep things tidy and arranged. The materials of the Babyletto Spruce Tree bookcase are of high quality and are guaranteed to last the test of time. Although it might not look like it at first glance, the bookcase is quite sturdy and we can put some of her toys in there too. Though we decided not to put some of the bigger hardbound books that she has (since she would have had a hard time taking it out of the bookcase anyway), it fits pretty much everything that we wanted to place on it, plus some little extra accessories aswell.


I think she will still like to have the bookcase around even when she gets older and I think it’s one of those pieces of furniture that she will remember for her entire life. She has not stopped looking at it since it was mounted three days ago. At the end of the day, I know it’s not really a necessary purchase, but my husband and I really wanted to get a bookcase for our daughter. We grew up in households where a bookcase was a pretty fundamental piece of furniture and I’ve always liked the idea of getting something that is more of a keep-sake than anything else.

Anyway, just a small little blog post today to share our latest addition to my daughter’s bedroom. If you want the cutest children’s bookcase, I suggest you look into this beautiful one yourself. I know it’s a little bit pricey but hey – it’s something that is a little special! A little bit of saving for us until I spot something else I think we need. Until next time, take care Moms & Dads!

What else is new? Well, we have quite a few new and exciting projects coming to very shortly, including 2 new dimensions to the space. You’ll have to keep checking back on us. It’s a very exciting time here whilst we start branching out into a few different projects that a lot of you have been asking us for, for many years now. As a sneak peak, we will soon be expanding our base to include more range of information. This includes from fertility to pre-schooling, toddler and young children.

And on the topic of preschool children (as one of my children is nearing towards it) I am thinking of doing a blog post about my children growing up and heading into preschool years soon as I know a-lot of you Moms and Dads have the same aged children as me 🙂 If you want me to do a blog post about it, let me know in the comments below. I did read this interesting idea about the peaceful preschool the other day and I absolutely love it.

What do you guys think of it? A little bit special isn’t it? We are in love with it, it’s purposeful and beautiful to look at and will be kept as a keep-sake for our family.

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