Top 3 Baby Formula Maker, Mixer and Dispenser Machines for Hassle Free Formula Preparation

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Featured: ♥ Baby Brezza

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have a crying baby around 2 am and you are trying to pour the feeding bottle (I explain it like similar to the days when trying to pour a drink when a little tipsy. Oops!). The bottle slips away from your hands….. and now you have another kind of mess besides your crying baby, this time on the floor. This chain of events happened to me almost every night when I first became a mother. And oh, did I tell you, how frequently I stumbled upon things on the floor, while searching for the feeding bottle and trying to open the milk carton at night with my sleepy eyes?

When my second baby came, my husband brought me milk dispenser machine, oh man it was so amazing and convenient! I felt like I was in heaven, it was literally so much easier and it’s one baby product that I really urge any bottle feeding parent to consider buying. There was no more spilling water and stumbling on the doors, dressers and tables. My baby formula dispensing machine proved way better than me in making the feeding bottle (and for my husband and family also). I mean, seriously, who would want a Nanny if one has an infant formula mixer and dispenser machine to prepare accurate and perfect feeding bottles with just one push?? Moms, I am telling you, I love technology and if you thinking about whether you should get one, I urge you that you will absolutely thank yourself for it later!

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Baby Brezza

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Milk Preparation Guide

Pros and Cons of Using a Milk Dispenser Machine

Top 3 Brands of Formula Milk Dispenser Machines

1. Baby Brezza

Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker has the ability to let your own Mom get jealous of you because she did not have one in her time. Making a feeding bottle was never that easy back in her day.

Baby Brezza♥ Where to Buy? Cheapest Price

♥ Buy in UK: UK Price & Shipping

Baby Brezza Formula Pro food maker is the best-selling brand of formula dispensers

This sleek and smart Baby Brezza Formula Pro is one true companion that will be with you in long nights where your hungry, fussy baby will wake you up after almost every two hours.

Although I can’t say that I have used this one (as I bought the Born Free one below, my close friend has this one and I’ve used it many times, it is absolutely great, very similar to my Born Free below with a few small differences).

It is also a very popular infant formula dispenser machine due to its affordability (check the latest price here).

This Baby Brezza is the best baby formula milk dispenser is based on ‘patented mixing technology that assures you will get a feeding bottle without any air bubbles

The few prominent features are:

♥ It allows you to make the baby bottle to just the right temperature, saving you the guilt of giving too-hot or too-cold milk to your baby

♥ Airtight jars for storing water and formula confirms the hygiene of both

♥ You might find the amount of formula (700 grams) it keeps in dispenser too much in the beginning, but as the baby grows, so does their appetite, you will soon be making 8 Oz bottles of milk many times a day.

♥ The latest technology provides air-free bubbles feeding bottle

♥ It will go great with all bottle brands and almost all formula brands

Now bye bye to the old method of making bottles and welcome to the new baby Brezza Formula Pro!

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ Buy in UK: UK Price & Shipping

2. Born Free

Now the ultimate comfort is just two steps away. Get up and order Born Free Bottle Genius, right now, because I did! So with this baby formula dispenser and mixer, I can personally and honestly vouch for it – it is amazing – this is the dispenser I used when my second baby born.

Born Free♥ Where to Buy? Cheapest Price

♥ Buy in UK: UK Price (Free UK Delivery)

The Born Free Formula Dispenser is commonly known as the “The smarter bottle maker”

The reason why it ain’t #1 here is that it is a little more in price than the Baby Brezza and affordability is definitely a criteria when buying baby products for many parents. This is however, the highest quality and best infant formula mixer and dispenser to mix baby formula, I wish I had this at the time of my first baby as well!

As I told you earlier somewhere, for me the BPA free products always a center of attraction. So this is a plus of Born Free Bottle genius that all the parts of dispenser that come in touch with formula milk, water or bottle are BPA free (and this is one of the top reasons why my husband bought this baby milk powder dispenser over the other two).

The auto shut off feature is great as I don’t have to remember to turn the thing off amongst the other 1,000 things going on in my mind

There are many things which I absolutely love about this formula milk dispense machine such as:

♥ Like I said previously, the fact that the entire machine is BPA free was a massive positive for my husband and I

♥ The smart scale right beneath where you put your feeding bottle accurately measures the amount of prepared milk. How awesome is that!

♥ It’s the quickest way on how to prepare baby formula and gives you a bottle ready to go in seconds

♥ Another thing to consider is that fact that it has auto-shut off which is great so after 15 minutes of inactivity, this saves you on your electricity bill also

♥ This baby formula dispenser truly lives up to its name, this is genius based on genius technology

So, do not wait up, if you want peaceful nights and days, this Born free bottle genius is a must have.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ Buy in UK: UK Price (Free UK Delivery)

3. Gerber BabyNes


This is the latest and greatest baby formula maker to hit the market. It’s only a new product and it’s having rav reviews about it. It’s based on a system that hasn’t been utilized and is completely unique to any other formula maker, being that it uses capsules to dispense baby formula. The Gerber brand has the formula dispenser but the awesome part is that the New-Baby-Formula-Dispenserformula they have is dispensed through capsules. (For your information, their formula is taking the baby product world by surprise, it’s really amazing!)

♥ Where to Buy? Cheapest Price

This system and formula that it comes with is literally amazing! My closest friend has it and it’s truly awesome technology to say the least. The BabyNes system is inspired on providing the highest quality formula that mimics breast milk. They have capsules that are broken down into four stages from 0-12months tailored to your baby’s development. You can see more information of the capsule formula system below.

Their brand has introduced it as ‘the next generation of baby formula’ and I completely agree with this.

The best features include:

♥ Your baby’s bottle is ready in less than a minute

♥ Provides a bottle that is precisely measured and perfectly mixed.

♥ Water is filtered so no need to worry about the quality of the water

♥ You can adjust temperature to your desired temperature (it’s not preset or set)

♥ Formula is dispensed directly from capsule to bottle so there is barely any cleaning involved.New-Capsule-Baby-Formula

4. Tommee Tippee

Tommee TippeePlease Note: As of September 2015, Tommee Tippee has announced the discontinuation of this product in the US only as I can still see it is available for sale in the UK (available here). However, I am waiting patiently (and hoping) for a similar product to be released by them soon so stay tuned. For any parents who have purchased this machine, the Perfect Prep filters will still be available for purchase here (& UK here). Update: You can still get shipping, which is available here.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature award winning range is all about the safety and hygiene of the baby. This formula dispenser filters the water and by using ‘hotshot’ kills all the bacteria in the water. This is the way to make the healthiest formula milk bottle for your baby. Isn’t it a great idea??

♥ Where to Buy? Get Latest Price

♥ Buy in UK: UK Price (Free UK Delivery)

Besides using the bacteria killing hotshot and filtering system, it provides you consistency by measuring the accurate amount of water needed for the bottle

Although I can’t personally vouch on this baby formula machine like I can with the Baby Brezza and the Born Free Bottle Genius, because nor do I or any of my close friends have it, it still remains a popular choice and bought by many parents.

Tommee Tippee is on third number in my list, but it does not make it less important or useful than the above mentioned products.

Here are the few that are great about this product:

♥ This works best for organic formula milk, where to need to use sterilized water every time

♥ You get the same temperature every time you use it

If you are a formula feeding mother and you have not bought a formula milk dispenser yet, you are indeed missing an essential item in your life right now!

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ Buy in UK: UK Price (Free UK Delivery)


Pros and Cons of Using a Milk Dispenser Machine


♥ Accuracy

No more repeating about a thousand times, to thy husband how much formula to use!

You will get the most accurate measure of powdered milk and water with an electronic formula dispenser. You just need to adjust the quantity you desire and it will automatically pour the desired amount of milk and water.

♥ Less Chance of Air Vacuum

When we shake the baby bottle to mix the formula with water that is when the air bubbles are created in the milk. Now no need to shake the bottle vigorously, it will gently mix it for you.

♥ Warm Water Availability

You can even stop using the bottle warmer, this infant formula dispensers are all in one kind of thing

It keeps water just about right temperature to make a perfect feeding bottle for your baby. You won’t be using a bottle warmer now at home anymore.

♥ A life Saver

A fussy baby at 4 am in the morning is the most difficult part of ‘parenting’ for young or first time parents. An automatic baby formula dispenser is your true companion in those nights and it is really a life saver. You don’t get that sticky formula powder on your hands again. No more spilling of water and powder milk. You will have feeding bottle in your hands in seconds, so no more continuous crying.


× Moms, you are going to be addicted to using a formula dispenser machine so a con is the addiction (or the luxury) of having it done for you and being able to make baby formula quickly.

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  1. Hi, do these machines prepare the milk or you put the milk in the bottle first and the machine will only add water to it?


    • Hi Goosh
      The first two formula dispensing machines prepare BOTH the formula and water, hence whey they are ranked the best. The TommeeTippee formula maker only prepares the water corresponding to the amount of formula you have put in prior. I’ve got the Born Free Genius one above 🙂
      Your welcome, Anna

  2. Hello, the Tommee Tippee machine has been discontinued by the manufacturer!
    Limited supply left and will no longer be available. It’s also going for over 300$!!

    • Hi Illy,
      This must of just happened because I was looking at these a few weeks back. Thanks for the heads up, I have updated the above. At $300, it just makes the decision easier between the Brezza or Born Free 🙂
      Thanks, Anna

  3. Jennifer Bently says:

    I totally agree with you too, every parent needs one of these. I saw one of my best friends get one and I’m hooked, ordering one right away, you’ve made the decision ALOT easier!

  4. Hi! I am trying to decide between the Brezza and Born Free, besides the price, what are the pros or cons between the two?


    • Hi Lindsey, thanks for your comment. Sure I can help you out.
      Well, first off, I have the Born Free one and I absolutely love it. But in saying this, the Brezza is extremely popular as it’s the #1 best selling one. Why? I believe because the price is more attractive/more affordable.
      A few people say the downside of the Brezza is that it’s difficult to clean and due to this, it can cause disruption to the accurate measure of formula and they get frustrated by this. A few people in regards to the Born Free get frustrated by the water reservoir sensor. Generally, the pros about both machines are the same as they are pretty similar, they product the ‘perfect bottle’ in press of a bottle..there is nothing more to it really. As I said above, I love my Born Free and I recommend it to any parent using formula, especially when the husband or in-laws or friends are involved in looking after your children also. It’s the only way to get things 100% right when it comes to measuring out the right amount of formula and temperature of the bottle.
      Regards, Anna

  5. Thanks for being so generous with your time in sharing all this info.

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