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It’s time to get the nursery ready and the first thing on the list is the crib (or cot). Of course, the baby crib; it’s the first thing that comes to mind, but it also takes FOREVER to decide on one. To make your life easier, it helps if you narrow down your selection based on the most reliable crib brands and then refer to the cribs from there. Don’t worry, we have made the process straightforward for you by pointing out the top baby crib brands with quite a few choices to choose from out of all the most popular and highest rated cribs that parents worldwide have chosen.

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Best Selling & Top Rated Cribs by Parents

1. Babyletto Hudson Crib

The Babyletto Hudson Crib is a 3 in 1 convertible crib that has a sleek stylish look as it goes from crib to toddler bed to day bed and it also includes the conversion kit to do it at no extra cost! (so although the price is a little on the high end, keep in mind that you are not paying extra for the conversion kit unlike many other crib brands).

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White-Babyletto-Hudson-CribGet This Look: ♥ Crib Changer/Dresser ♥ Elephant Hamper Mattress  ♥ GliderRug

Babyletto baby products are known to be the best non-toxic cribs, made from solid wood and 100% organic, so if you want a safe baby crib, you got it with Babyletto.

There are slats all around, no solid back or sides so you can easily see your sleeping babe from any angle of the room and it also gives the crib a more open and airy feel. All of the mechanisms on the Hudson crib are hidden and the crib itself adjusts to four different mattress heights for the ultimate comfort for baby.

The Hudson Crib is the most popular and best Babyletto branded crib

Something many mothers who purchased the crib are extremely happy about is the price. It’s about half the cost in comparison to some similar designer cribs (e.g. Oeuf crib).

Additionally, as it’s made from quality wood, it’s the #1 wood crib out of all crib sets available.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View Entire Range: Babyletto Hudson Range

2. Babyletto Modo Crib

Very similar to the Hudson crib above, the Babyletto Modo Crib is a 3 in 1 convertible crib which again, when you receive the package, it includes all necessary and additional pieces to convert the crib into a toddler bed and day bed. The Babyletto Modo crib is the 2nd best babyletto crib as rated by parents.

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Babyletto-Modo-CribGet This Look: ♥ CribChanger & Dresser ♥ Crib MattressOttomanRugChanging Pad

The Modo crib is also great for those parents who have limited space or a small nursery room as it has enough space in it for baby to be comfortable, but doesn’t have a bunch of extra space taking up unnecessary room.

It comes in 2 tones offering a different style for those who don’t want a crib to be all one color  

Babyletto cots are the most modern cribs available and are due to being very neutral land plain colors, are suitable as a girl crib and also a boy crib.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View Entire Range: Babyletto Modo Range

About The Babyletto Crib Brand

Sleek, modern, green nurseries are what come to mind when people think of the Babyletto brand of nursery furniture. This brand of infant products are running hot and are admired and ravved by parents worldwide (including me, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I have all Babyletto baby furniture (a white babyletto baby crib to be exact), accessories and matching bedding for my bundle of joy).

They are suitable for the super trendy, chic and minimalist parents that want to combine modern and safety and like a neutral tone to their nursery

Apart from the above, other popular models in the range of Babyletto cribs include:

♥ Babyletto Lolly (View Here)

♥ Babyletto Skip (View Here)

♥ Babyletto Mercer (View Here)

♥ Babyletto Origami (View Here)

♥ Babyletto Scoot (View Here)

This brand is currently the top #1 brand in nursery furniture right now

Babyletto cribs and cots are the highest quality nursery furniture out of all best brands in nursery furniture sets, are the safest and have 100% NATURAL written all over them. The Babyletto brand uses a toxin free finish on their baby cribs so you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping in a safe environment. Babyletto cribs are made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood and are shipped and packaged smart to reduce waste and harm to the environment. Another reason why I love them so much is because their designs and styles are suitable as baby girl crib sets and baby boy crib sets.

3. Stork Craft Tuscany Crib

The Storkcraft Tuscany crib is the best crib by Stork Craft and is a 4 in 1 convertible crib which means it converts not just to a toddler bed and day bed but also to a full size bed.

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Get This Look: ♥ Crib ♥ Stork Craft Nursery Furniture ♥ Stork Craft Chair

Stork Craft ensures that everyone can set up this crib up with their easy to follow instructions and it comes with everything you need to convert it, with the exception of the rails for the full sized bed (these need to be purchased separately).

The crib mattress levels adjust easily as the support under it is one solid piece. Made as a safe wood crib, the sides are all slatted for an open airy space for your baby and the slightly curvy areas around the edge give it a stylish, classic look.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View Entire Range: Stork Craft Tuscany Range

4. Stork Craft Venetian Crib

Like the Stork Craft Tuscany, the Venetian crib is a 4 in 1 convertible crib. The difference? The design of this infant crib offers a more luxurious appeal in its style.

♥ Stork Craft Venetian Crib: Available Here


Get This Look: ♥ CribChanging Table5 Drawer Dresser

Its sleek curves are timeless and beautiful. Just like the Tuscany crib, this Venetian crib will convert all the way up to a full size bed and all you would need to buy at that point are the rails for it and a new mattress of course.

A ‘grow with me crib’ that will stand the test of time with your child and will be something beautiful they can keep for many years.

Both Storkcraft infant cribs and cots have matching Stork Craft furniture sets, so don’t forget to find the matching Stork Craft glider chair (do you need a nursery chair?), dresser, and changing table to have the complete set of beautiful, safe, timeless nursery furniture for your baby.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View Entire Range: Stork Craft Venetian Furniture

About Stork Craft Cribs

Stork Craft can gladly boast that they are one of the top companies making the some of the nicest baby cribs available to parents today. Stork Craft infant cots have more of a traditional crib design to them in comparison to Babyletto baby room furniture.

All Stork Craft cribs have a non toxic and durable finishes, sturdy built and easily matched by coordinating with their matching Stork Craft nursery furniture sets.

They also make it affordable for your baby to have the best. You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to ensure safety, comfort and style when it comes to the nursery. Both cribs above are reasonably priced and are well worth it, especially if you choose to get the whole set. (My cousin did and she doesn’t regret a thing). I can see her Stork Craft crib set furniture lasting through another child, if not longer, should she choose to do so.

5. Graco Charleston Classic

Don’t let the name fool you about this Graco Charleston crib (I mean, doesn’t it sound so royal?), while it is a classic looking crib, it’s convertible and is the #1 Graco crib. It can go up to a full sized bed.

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Get This Look: ♥ CribGraco Nursery SetGraco Glider

The crib isn’t just gender dependent, the whole design is neutral and can fit in with whatever nursery décor you have chosen (the antique white cot being extremely popular).

This crib is very gender neutral and has a coordinating dressing table, bookshelf and more (see below on how to match your Graco furniture). While Graco isn’t famous for being a sustainable material company such as greenest option out there with Babyletto, they are definitely still a good option!

Just a heads up however, the Graco cribs are quite affordable (you can buy online here), however keep in mind the Graco cribs don’t come with a conversion kit, you need to purchase these extra. If you’re looking for a more mainstream brand that is found most everywhere, Graco is a safe bet.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View Entire Range: Graco Furniture Range

6. Graco Sarah Classic

Another surprise, like the Graco Charleston this classic style crib, a solid wooden crib, is also convertible up to a full sized bed. With stationary sides and a classic look, the Sarah crib is sure to impress (especially the white baby crib style).

♥ Graco Sarah Crib: Available Here


Get This Look: ♥ CribGraco Nursery SetGraco Glider

Less expensive and about the same features as the Charleston, simplicity at its best is seen with this infant crib

Like the Charleston, the rails are not included for converting up to a full sized bed, so you will need to buy them separately. It does look more like a girl crib for an infant, though I’m sure in the right room, it could be a great crib for a boy aswell. The Sarah crib or cot comes in 2 color schemes, one darker the other a lighter color wood and the mattress height can be adjusted 3 ways.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View the Entire Range: Graco Furniture Range

About Graco Cribs

Everybody has heard the Graco name, they’re extremely popular in the baby industry. There’s a reason for that! They make some of the best baby products out there, including baby furniture and Graco baby cribs and cots.

Generally, the way I like to summarize it is that the Graco cribs have more of a grander look than the other cribs available, as they are made from some of the most highest quality wood; I call them more of having an antique crib look/nursery furniture theme.

7. DaVinci Kalani

The Davinci Kalani Crib is a 4 in 1 convertible crib that will grow with your child up to a full sized bed, it is one of the best Davinci cribs as rated by many parents. It comes with the toddler rail for converting it to that point.

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Get This Look: ♥ CribChange TableDresserRugRocking Horse

It is only a tiny bit more expensive than the Jenny Lind (below), but it does convert one step further. You can also adjust the cot mattress to 4 different height settings for comfort as your infant grows as well as for mom who has to place the little one in the crib.

It is also a solid wood crib with a toxin free finish and has a sleek, modern design

A flaw that was most often mentioned in the customer reviews was that the finish on the wood is very soft, making it very easily scratched and dented. You can however still get replacement parts for it *if you buy from here*, if need be. Being one of the cheaper cribs or cots to buy from the Davinci crib range, remember that you are getting what you pay for. In saying this, both Layla and myself, here at mybabycare, both recommend the above brands over the DaVinci crib range but we do understand it is personal choice and up to everyone’s budget.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View the Entire Range: DaVinci Kalani Range

8. DaVinci Jenny Lind

If you’re looking for a vintage looking crib for your nursery, this is going to be one of your best bets. The DaVinci Jenny Lind has a simple look, resembling older cribs, without the drop sides of course.

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DaVinci-Jenny-Lind-CribGet This Look: ♥ CribChange TableRocking HorsePale Blue RugSheepskin Rug

The Jenny Lind crib can also convert into a toddler bed and day bed. The conversion kit is sold separately, however. The Jenny Lind crib is a cheap, toxin free option if you like how this crib appeals.

And, just by looking at it, you’d never guess that it’s a convertible crib

One personal thing that I noticed and you should consider is that the screw holes on the outside can be seen and it is a tad unsightly as they do stand out a bit. If that isn’t something that would bother you, then I’m sure you’d love this vintage looking crib.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View Entire Range: DaVinci Jenny Lind Range

9. DaVinci Emily

Similar to the Kalani, the DaVinci Emily crib is a 4 in 1 convertible crib, it converts up to a full sized bed and comes with a toddler rail for conversion. It is however cheaper than the Kalani.

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DaVinci-Emily-CribGet This Look: ♥ CribChange TableCrib Bedding Set Kids ChairPillow

It also has a modern design, so while the price is the same as the Jenny Lind, it offers a bit more and can fit in well with a modern style nursery theme.

It has two decorative rails on the front and back that go above the side bars, it looks beautiful for sure. The conversion kit for the toddler bed is included, but of course, the full sized one is sold separately. Overall, you do get a fair amount of features for what you pay for with this crib.

♥ Where to Buy? Here

♥ View Entire Range: DaVinci Emily Range

About DaVinci Cribs

DaVinci offers affordable cribs for those wanting to go green in the nursery, while on a budget. The most popular Davinci cribs are the espresso cribs or oak cribs and all Davinci cribs are available with the crib and changing table or cribs with drawers or all matching Davinci furniture.

A MESSAGE FROM LAYLA & ANNA: The DaVinci cribs and cots appear to be a popular option because they offer what most moms are looking for at a cheaper price. Sometimes, however, cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to buying a baby crib and if you’re looking for something to go the long haul, you might want to splurge just a little because you’ll save a bit more in the long run with something that will really hold up and last long, through time.

What Else Do You Need To Buy With a Crib?

Now that you have a selection of the top rated cribs to pick from, you can get started making your decision. While you’re shopping, don’t forget your basic baby bedding essentials:

Crib Bumpers (ensure you are buying the safest crib bumpers, read here for more info)

Crib Mattress

Baby Bedding including baby sheets

Conversion kit (if you need one)

♥ Blankets to match the sheets

♥ And of course, the matching nursery furniture to go with your crib (we have placed helpful ‘View the Entire Range’ so you can match the crib with the nursery furniture).

It’s always nice to have a matching nursery furniture collection, alternatively you can find out more about the best brands in nursery furniture sets and what nursery furniture do you need for your baby’s nursery?.

For more information, read our Baby Bedding Guide: What Do You Need to Buy?

While the crib might be the most important, don’t forget everything else.

Happy decision-making, Mama!

Cribs For Sale

Cribs-for-SaleDue to the extensive range of cribs for sale, I have listed only the top crib brands out of all the cribs for sale that are worth considering and meet all government regulations and guidelines. This is to ensure you are not buying cribs or cots that have had recalls or bans (eg. the drop side crib ban) and also highly rated by parents.

I believe trusting the brand is just as important as selecting the right crib

With thousands of parents vouching for these cribs and cots, it really only comes to down a few of these safest baby cribs that are for sale right now; 4 brands including Babyletto, Stork Craft DaVinci and Graco, to be exact with 9 cribs for sale in total to choose from.

Anna’s Helpful Tips for Buying a Baby Crib

There are SO many different types of cribs for sale out there, it’s hard to choose the kind of crib you want for your little bundle and what sort of nursery theme and baby furniture you will go for. The best way to start, is by looking at what baby cribs are the best selling, top rated and most recommended based on the experience and journey of parents that have ‘been there, done that’.

I remember shopping for my little one’s cot, I was so anxious. I wanted the safest infant crib but I also wanted the crib to be a cute and modern crib… but there were so many options that it became an overwhelming task. I seriously needed a pretzel break!

When I finally had that delicious salty snack and took some time to think and do some research, I came up with a list of potential cribs and went from there, narrowing them down to only the best brands in baby cribs, from there, I found light at the end of the tunnel.

So this list with the best types of cribs and cots and especially the most best value crib for your baby which is here all in one place is to help you, make this shopping experience a more pleasant one for you, mama and dada.

Types of Baby Cribs

How many kinds of cribs are there?! Glad you asked! There is a pretty wide variety of cribs to be found.  There are standard cribs, convertible cribs, canopy cribs and round cribs.

Standard Cribs

These cribs are the most basic cribs and cots you can buy. They are not convertible, and will not be kept passed infancy unless it is handed down to another child. The older standard cribs had drop sides, these however have been recalled for the safety of babies who were getting hurt in them. It is best to avoid these and in many places it is illegal to sell them and buy them.

Convertible Cribs

These cots are convertible to toddler beds and some even convert up to a full size bed so they grow with your child. Most come with everything you need to convert them, while others you will need to buy your own conversion kit to do so. Most of the cribs I have suggested are the best convertible cribs available to purchase today.

Canopy Cribs

You’ve seen canopy post beds, well these are basically the same thing. You have the four posts in the corners to allow for a canopy to hang over decoratively.

Round Cribs

An increasingly popular trend in nursery furnishings is a round crib. It is as you’ve probably guessed, a circular shape and requires a special mattress for the inside.

Some cribs come with an attached dresser or changing table, this will usually be with your standard cribs or convertible cribs. A nice feature for those who are pressed for space, especially.

Anna About Anna

Hi Moms and Dads, Anna here and welcome. I'm a relatively young mom, in my early 30's and my husband and I have 2 young (and incredibly cheeky) children. With my first child, I was confused about absolutely anything that had 'baby' written on it. I felt flustered and overwhelmed. For some Moms I believe it comes naturally, for others it takes a bit of work and patience, and the latter was me. With my second child, all those first round nervous flusters were gone and I approached everything ease, although I do admit, in between 2 children, baby products and my needs and wants had changed and in the baby/infant world, things change very quick and products that were suggested a few years back are now out of date, recalled or just not suitable no more. So it's not only your little bub that grows; products change and the needs and wants of your baby and you change also.


  1. Thanks for the pretty full list, it narrowed down my options (thank goodness), although I was leaning towards the Babyletto range from the start, I am pretty convinced for sure now…. I think I’m a pretty trendy kinda woman…Also, what crib mattress do you recommend? I am going to buy the Babyletto Modo….

    • Babyletto has their own range of non-toxic crib mattresses that match all the cribs, to match my Babyletto crib I bought the Pure Core, but the Babyletto cribs fit fit standard sized mattresses. For instance, my close friend has the No Compromise in her Babyletto crib. We have written some information about both of these mattresses on the site so browse through to find out more..

  2. Peter Caven says:

    These crib ideas are just so lovely. Love the idea of a white crib accentuated with a colorful comforter and cute pillows. So safe for the baby and hygienic as well.

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