Top 5 Safest High Chairs

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When the little babies start taking solids, that is probably the best time in a parents life. To cook small meals is another kind of pleasant experience any parent can get, but this pleasant experience turns into a rather messy one when you try to feed your child without restricting their approach to the meal; and when toddlers apparently believe they can feed themselves, the high chair is the only place to try to minimize the mess! So, putting them in the high chair makes things easy for everyone, you are the boss remember…(at least for the first few years..)

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What Should You Look For When Buying a High Chair?

Other Uses of A High Chair

The 5 Safest High Chairs

1. Graco High Chair

The #1 best selling high chair and #1 product by Graco is the, Graco Blossom 4-in-1 seating system; it literally stole my heart right away. This high chair has everything that the best high chair should have.

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You want to roll your baby in the high chair around in the house, then go ahead, it has really smooth wheels that fit into the very narrow spectrum. Move it around the dining table or in the kitchen, it won’t give you an unexpected kick while passing through the doors

The tray is also nice and wide and has three layers, yes, all three are useable. As far as safety is concerned, the Graco Blossom 4-in-1 seating system has seat belts that are enough to hold you in a roller coaster, the five straps come over the shoulders, around the sides and up between the legs.

The Graco Blossom high chair also has 6 height positions you can adjust it as you like and with the fact that it grows with your child, your money is well spent as it joins you on the awesome journey of your child’s growth.

It’s also great value for money as this high chair actually grows with your child, from infant feeding, baby, to toddler booster

Graco-range-of-baby-furnitureAnother excellent ‘plus’ from this Graco Blossom range is that if you are looking for all matching baby gear, you can get matching baby gear as shown in the picture with all the matching design.

The most modern, comfortable, safe and easy-to-clean high chairs are offered by Graco. Graco introduced a number of different designs of high chairs within a price range of $60 to $190, hence Graco makes the decision of choosing a high chair easy for you by providing you a few different options depending on your budget.

And don’t even get me started on ‘cleaning’. In short, this chair is a great value for money, don’t let it go if you are that way inclined…

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2. Stokke High Chair

If you are a lover of Stokke or have always wanted a Stokke product, then this may just be your chance to spend money on a Stokke product that you actually need and require.

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When it comes to functionality and safety, Stokke is miles above the rest

The Stokke high chair is ranked #2 out of parents world wide and not #1 purely for the price tag being higher than the Graco.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair is very popular (even considering it’s price, more than half the parents who are in the market for high chairs, pick the Stokke over the Graco featured above).

The elegance, style and beauty of this Stokke Trip Trapp high chair makes it one of the most popular high chairs that parents buy. It’s made of solid wood and is soooo solid and sturdy.

Stokke guarantees that anyone up to 300 pounds can safety sit on the high chair, so that includes you!

As parents, we too can safety sit on the Stokke high chair. Therefore, this high chair grows with your child which makes it great value for money.

Although it has a non-traditional look, Stokke have properly properly designed it and it is a true example of sturdiness.

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3. Boon Flair High Chair

Another non-traditional looking high chair, this Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair sits at #3 on our list and despite it’s slightly higher price, it’s a very popular and highly rated chair amongst parents.

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This high chair has something that no other high chair has – pneumatic lift!

Did I just hear you say, easy? Well it is. No re-adjusting required, or having to take your child out of the high chair and place him back in there, all you need is to press the big orange button (situated on the base) and the height is adjusted so easily!

So looking similar to a bar stool, this Boon Flair high chair is a pedestal high chair and works exactly like a bar stool does. 

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and it’s a beauty for a number of reasons!

This cool looking high chair has some seriously amazing features and the prominent one, apart from the fact that it’s the only high chair with a pneumatic lift feature, is that is the easiest high chair to clean (ah, my laziness).

But who blames us? With the amount of mess toddlers create, you find yourself always cleaning their things day in day out and wanting to remove stains that just don’t come off. But this Boon Flair Pedestal high chair it’s so easy to clean.

It also moves smoothly in all directions and the high chair tray is just about at the right level and you can fit it everywhere because of its pedestal base and it also won’t scratch your floors.

4. OXO Tot High Chair

For those who do not like high chairs with wheels, this OXO TOT Sprout Chair is an elegant and comfortable high chair that is made from both wood to make it sturdy and plastic to make it comfortable and easy to clean.

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It’s smart design also allows you to use the high chair until your toddler outgrows it as the tray becomes fully removable so you can use it as a normal elevated seat

The OXO Tot high chair comes in 5 beautiful colors (view all colors), it has a wide tray (excellent feature!) and it can also be converted to a youth chair after adjusting its height.

It gives you 5 levels of different heights and the safety straps does not cause a baby rash and is super easy to clean.

5. Peg Perego High Chair

Peg Perego is a famous brand that has been around for while, hence why we have included on of the models of high chair on our list and recently sweeped up an award for being a highly popular high chair by Moms around the world.

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The 4 wheels on this high chair lock automatically to assure the safety of your kiddo and the safety belts are safe enough to hold your wiggly baby with comfort

I remember, my sister had children before me, about 8 years prior, and I remember back then, she bought mostly Peg Perego baby gear (including a Peg Perego high chair) and they proved to be long lasting products and great value for money (under $300 – Get Latest Price).

The best selling and most popular high chair from Peg Perego is the Siesta High Chair (shown in the photo to the right (view all colors available here). It is similar to the high chairs above but it has 9 adjustable positions, 6 different reclining positions and super comfy polyester cushioning.

Overall, a great, comfy and super modern looking high chair available in 5 awesome colors: Arancia, Cacao, Licorice, Mela and Raspberry.

What Should You Look For When Buying a High Chair?

  1. Safety is the most important thing in buying a high chair, as falling down from one would not be pleasant for your little one. A strong five-point safety belt is a must and it must look sturdy.
  2. In my opinion a high chair with a tray is more comfortable and useful, the tray should be wider, but it’s your choice.
  3. A high chair should be as comfortable as possible with nice big padding to ensure ultimate comfort.
  4. The height of a baby high chair should be adjustable to several levels.
  5. Remember, your baby will be spilling their food all over it, so you would want one that is super easy to clean, think: both tray and materials.
  6. High chairs with wheels are easy to move and are very handy for you when you want to move your baby around whilst you are busy around the home.
  7. As this is the matter of your baby’s safety as they are elevated to a certain height, we would advise you buy a really good high chair from a reliable brand (hence our list above). Cheaper is not always the better, especially when it comes to ensuring safety for your child.

Don’t worry, each one of the high chairs we have recommended above, tick all the boxes above.

Other Uses of A High Chair

A high chair is necessary for your child’s protection and safety and makes both eating (whilst playing, of course!) easy, fun and safe for your child and also for yourself.

When I bought a high chair for my first kiddo, I used to put him in it and kept the high chair near me while doing laundry or cleaning. There are countless uses of a high chair; they are not only for the feeding purposes.

A high chair also allows for your child to feel himself when eating with the family at meal times, as they will be on equal level with rest of the family.

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  1. I bought the Boon Flair high chair that you have above per your advice and I absolutely love it. If you hadn’t of recommended it, I probably would not have got it. It’s so dam easy to use! Excellent collation of honestly the best stuff out there, not need to look further at all.

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