5 High Chairs Under $100

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When talking about high chairs, buying one can be one of the most expensive items that is needed. Buy they are also one of the most essential items when buying all the baby furniture you need. It is important to remember that, a high chair is a piece of baby furniture that will be one of those items that will grow with your baby and will be one of the most used. Generally all parents are looking for a strong, sturdy and durable high chair, however when you’ve already spent money on a good quality crib and crib mattress, we understand things can start to get a little tight with the rest of the purchases that are required. So here are the top cheap baby high chairs for 2017.

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Should you buy a high chair under $100?

Pros and Cons of buying a cheap high chair

Top 5 High Chairs Under $100

1. Fisher Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean

The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean (available here) high chair is the best selling inexpensive high chair under $100 in 2017 (get latest price here). It is not called the ‘EZ clean’ high chair for nothing (get it? EZ = easy clean).

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The best feature of this #1 affordable high chair is that it’s one of the easiest high chairs to clean (and cleaning high chairs is going to be repetitive task!).

This Fisher Price high chair (available here) comes with wheels and it’s made from a combination of plastic, polyester and metal. It also has safety straps that are another ‘easy to clean’ feature; these high chair straps are high chair straps that are washable also.

The tray comes off so you can clean it easily and is dishwasher safe. And it has different height positions and has cool colors that are attractive for babies, so we are sure your baby will love to sit in it also.

If you are looking for a cheap high chair, this high chair by Fisher Price is excellent value for money at under $100 (check latest price).

2. Joovy Nook

The Joovy Nook High Chair (view colors available here) is a very popular high chair and one of the highest rated high chairs that you will find under $100. I personally bought this high chair and I can’t say anything bad about it.

Green Joovy High Chair Under $100

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I personally recommend this high chair ( I bought it for my mother-in-law as she babysits twice a week, so I technically don’t have it in my house, but I purchased it. My mother-in-law has it in her household.

I bought this Joovy high chair in the ‘Greenie‘ color so I can’t recommend this high chair enough. My mother-in-law loves it and whenever we are over for Sunday lunch, I have no issues using it either.

One of the best features of the Joovy Nook high chair is that it folds down easily (with one hand) to very little. This is not only excellent on a daily use basis but it’s also great for storage and transporting; it can also easily fit in a smaller car if you have one.

Joovy high chair for kidsAnother big positive with the Joovy high chair is the padding is machine washable and it has 5 point safety belts (5 star excellent safety rating). The high chair tray is machine washable also.

It’s an excellent high chair as a back-up or second high chair for cases like mine. It beats all the rest on this list at this price range. This Joovy Nook high chair isn’t your typical ‘cheap high chair’ as you will see, it’s vastly different to the other cheap high chairs on the rest of our list.

If you wanting comfort, safety and quality without spending a fortune, you should buy this one. It is rated highly by all parents that buy it. As seen in the pictures above, the Joovy Nook high chair is a stylish and modern looking high chair that comes in 4 vibrant and eye-catching colors.

2017 Update: At the time of writing this article, the Joovy high chair was below our price range of ‘5 high chairs under $100’. It seems due to popular demand and stock shortages that this high chair is hovering around the $100 mark (Get latest price here). We are sorry that our article is about high chairs under $100 but at the time of writing about this the high chair, it was below our threshold at given that there is specials and sales now and then, you may be able to buy it under $100 anyway. In saying this, we believe, this Joovy Nook high chair should still remain part of this list given it is an excellent high chair and regardless of it’s price, remains very affordable for parents looking for a good value and excellent quality high chair.

I personally recommend the Joovy Nook High Chair.

3. Graco

Graco make some really popular and high quality baby highchairs (they make a variety of high quality baby furniture such as their very popular Graco Baby Cribs). But because we are talking about affordable high chairs, Graco also have a large range of high chairs available at under $100 each (view entire range here)

Cheap Graco High Chairs

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For such a cheap high chair, this Graco high chair has excellent versatility for it’s price as it is a 2-in-1 high chair; it can be converted into a booster chair as well

One of the most popular Graco high chairs under $100 is the Graco Simple Switch High Chair. It comes in 5 cool colors with different animals on the fabric and is made of plastic, metal and polyester.

The Graco brand have a few different high chairs with different patterns and slightly different features to accommodate those parents who cannot afford or do not wish to spend a handsome amount on highchair. So these Graco high chairs are an excellent option as a second high chair or back up high chair as I’ve already stipulated.

As you can see from the Graco high chair range available, to me, these Graco high chairs are ‘cheap high chairs’. They are no doubt a great option if you don’t want to spend much but as you can see from the range available, their quality and structure just isn’t up to par in comparison to the Fisher Price and Joovy Nook high chairs above. If you want a cheap high chair, you can get a Graco high chair for under $70.

However, by spending only a little more, you can get one of the top quality high chair above for only a little more? It’s your choice and this is only my opinion.

4. Summer Infant

Second last on the list of affordable high chairs under $100 is this Summer Infant high chair. When I first looked at this high chair, I thought, is it uncomfortable? But to my surprise, many many parents absolute rave about this high chair and how comfortable it is!

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If you want a high chair that is modern and part of the new wave of fashionable high chairs, you can buy this one made by Summer Infant and you’ll be decked out, for under $100

I don’t personally have this high chair so I can’t justify how comfortable it really is but what I have noticed over the last 6-12 months is that big known brands in the industry are actually bringing out high chairs that look exactly like this one (but for about 4 times the price) (get the latest price on this high chair now)

Due to the material of this high chair being made out of quality wood, you will expect the price to be slightly higher than the rest on this list made out of combination plastic/metal, but still within the $100 price range. The Summer Infant Classic Comfort wood high chair might be also a great option as your child grows as it has a wide seat so it can last through time and it also has 3 reclining positions so you would be able to feed your baby easily.

It also has 5 point safety harness and a padded seat which is highly rated by customers to be easy to clean and you can also buy some matching accessories like musical bouncer etc to make it more comfortable for your baby. This Summer Infant is a great high chair if you are looking for a quality wood high chair, a major plus as it’s a baby product that is made from 100% natural materials as opposed to plastic.

5. Evenflo Compact


Evenflo Compact Fold Highchair (get latest price here) is a super affordable option when looking to buy a high chair under $100, in fact you can get an Evenflo high chair under $50!

Evenflow high chair

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This Evenflo Compact high chair is excellent value if you are really on a tight budget for under $50 it comes in 6 different colors and patterns

I would only recommend this high chair if you just ‘need’ one and aren’t too concerned about a high chair’s features over a long period of time, rather if you spend only a little more, say $30-$40 (but still under $100) you can still get a quality high chair.

All the baby high chairs by Evenflo have a 3 point harness safety feature, they are easily fold-able and are easy to clean. The Evenflo Compact Fold Highchair range should ideally be used as an ‘extra’ high chair as the quality of the Evenflo range of high chairs, in my opinion, does not compare the the high chairs above (especially in comparison to the Fisher Price and Joovy).

If none of these cheap high chairs suit you and you would like a safer high chair, you may also be interested in our Top 5 Safest High Chairs

Should You Buy a High Chair Under $100?

So, if you are tight on your budget or you have already spent a large amount on furnishing the nursery with good quality furniture nursery furniture, trying to buy a safe high chair for under $100 is probably at top priority. It’s also a common question and desire for many new parents also.

There is a wide variety of affordable high chairs available to buy, but how do you really know how well-functioned and safe a high chair under $100 really is? There are certainly a few pros and cons of buying a ‘cheaper’ baby high chair that you should be aware of and we think it is necessary to outline these so you understand where you stand and how much you should spend on a baby high chair.


  1. Buying a cheaper high chair is a great idea if you want an extra one, second or back up high chair at home for instances when more kids come over.
  2. You can buy a less expensive chair for your parents’ house, so, when you visit them you have you a high chair there.
  3. You can also buy an extra high chair that is cheaper for your parent’s in law that babysit your child, like me, I purchased the Joovy high hchair for my mother-in-law as she babysits twice a week. This saves me having to transport my high chair from my house to hers and also gives her much more convenience and comfort in your her own home.
  4. If you do not intend to use a high chair for a long time, then a cheaper chair might be good for you, but remember, unless you plan only on having one child, you will definitely need another high chair – so why not just get a good quality high chair to begin with?


  1. Cheap high chairs are usually made of cheaper materials – remember, you get what you pay for.
  2. The material and seat padding won’t last for long.
  3. You cannot expect these cheap high chairs to grow with your baby as these won’t hold for that long.
  4. They are less sturdy than our Top 5 Safest High Chairs available.

If you have made the decision to buy a less-expensive high chair, make sure you choose one of these that we have recommended here. They are the best high chairs for 2017. We have ensured that based on our research, feedback and ratings by customers, that we have sourced the 5 best high chairs you can buy under $100 that are the most properly functioning, durable, safest high chairs that meet all the standards of safety. Your child’s safety cannot be compromised at any cost, even when purchasing a high chair for under $100.

Don’t forget, that if you are looking for higher quality high chair, refer to our Guide to Buying the Best High Chair in 2017.

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