Best Nursery Rugs For Your Baby


I find buying rugs for children weirdly therapeutic. There are so many designs and styles to choose from that the selection instantly lightens my mood. You can literally become a child trying to figure out which one would look good in their room. At the same time, you can’t compromise with their wants. So, if you know your kids well enough you will know which nursery rug they would enjoy having around.

Being a mother of two, I have done enough shopping for setting up their bedroom décor. They both have separate favorites and I had to make sure that they are both equally happy with their rugs. With that you can say that I have developed a pretty good insight and expertise when it comes to selecting nursery rugs in general. I have picked out some great ones for you to check out.

Modern Nursery Rug

Nursery rugs need to be cool and comfortable. Forever Lover brings you a beautiful combination of both. This rug in particular is super cosy to sit on and has modish vibes to it that will complement your nursery décor too.



Round Nursery Rug

Another one of those modern nursery rugs that is both gorgeous and classy to look at is the one by Maxy Home. It is a shaggy rug that provides your nursery décor a chic appearance. It is available in all different colors to suit your home.


Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs are super plush. Kids simply love them (at least my kid do!). They love to brush against it. You know it’s alright because their skin is as soft as the rug and they both complement each other in a way.


Pattern Rug

Children love colors. Throw them in a room of colorful affair and they will literally start beaming. Here’s one gorgeous contemporary multi strip area nursery rug that could be kept in their room to let them enjoy some color diversity.


Girl Nursery Rug

You have to pay attention to theme based nursery rugs to satiate your kids imagination. Meaning if your child is a girl she would have a different outlook towards objects in her room compared to that of a baby boy. Heart to Heart present you with Flower Area Rugs that are shaped in the form of flowers. They are the most alluring kind tailor-made for little girls to get attracted like a bee to a flower. You get a set of 3 so your little one might enjoy hopping from one flower to the other.


Boy Nursery Rug

If you have a boy, give him a nursery rug that is based on his imaginative games, and he will never complain. Learning Carpets brings to you an amazing carpet of Giant Roads that will blow his mind away. Give wings to your child’s fanciful thoughts by providing this intelligently created rug. It has so many things on it that he might end up playing on it for hours, and never get bored.


Unisex Nursery Rug

If you wish your child to start learning at an early age, it is a great idea to get him an educative fruit area rug. It has letters with labels on it that could help him/her identify objects upfront.


Another great pattern design you can add to your list is the following star nursery rug. The rug would be perfect if your child is a big space fan.


Disney Rugs

Children are huge fan of Disney characters. Show them anything related to Disney and they will start jumping in joy. My baby was in love with Nemo, so I bought him this cute Disney Nemo rug. Whenever I go to check on him, he is always talking to her. He is really happy with the purchase.


Animal Based Nursery Rugs

When their nursery rugs are carved in the shape of animals or birds the fun becomes amplified. Look for animal themed rugs that your children might enjoy. This cuddly whale by Carter’s looks absolutely ravishing. And also the monkey one for your constantly jumping jack.


Orian Rugs

You can opt for this cool Zoo Beige Area rug that brings the entire zoo at one place. It is great for your child’s education too, as they will try to identify and be able to distinguish animals apart.

Rugs in the shapes of dinosaurs, butterflies, foxes, crabs and puppies look pretty cool too.

Game Based Rugs

If your kid is a fan of hopscotch, Huahoo brings to you an amazing play mat rug. It will ensure your baby has a blast indoors every time she comes around the nursery rug.

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