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The most exciting part of being a ‘expectant parent’ is to set up the nursery room for the ‘coming soon’ baby. The enthusiasm, the passion and the excitement are more than like anything you would have experienced before. I spent months, literally months, in planning and searching for ideas for the baby bedroom, then shopping the nursery furniture and then decorating my baby room, it was a big task but one that could have been cut down into a couple of hours if I had the right advice. Hence, why we have taken our months of research and condensed it for you. We can help you decide on all the nursery furniture you need and ensuring you buy what thousands of parents beforehand have trialled, tested and recommend to this day, taking you less time and guesswork.

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Stork Craft

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Nursery Furniture Guide

What Nursery Furniture Is Needed?

Best Brands in Nursery Furniture Sets

Babyletto Nursery Furniture

For those Moms and Dads out there like me, who love more modern furniture, Babyletto is mine and your go to baby brand. With more trend and style than any other brand, Babyletto is fast releasing new products all the time to cater for the modern parents needs.

♥ Babyletto Nursery Furniture: Click Here to View

Babyletto-Nursery-FurnitureGet This Look: ♥ Crib ♥ Dresser ♥ Mattress ♥ Bedding ♥ Cute Chair ♥ Rug

This furniture is also currently the hottest selling baby furniture brand right now

Not all nurseries can be traditional and I for one, am not a traditional style of person, if you were to see my house, I have more of a modern and sleek look with white and neutral furnishings throughout, rather than the dark oak and cherry, solid wood furnishings. So inevitability when it came to my baby’s room, I wanted my baby girls nursery to be the same, a modern, gender neutral themed nursery.

♥ Where to Buy? Click Here

If you are thinking of it, get it because stock runs out fast and regularly and you don’t want to be waiting for the much needed nursery furniture at the last minute (view latest price & stock availability here).

Babyletto is the most eco-friendly and non-toxic nursery furniture that you will ever find

All furniture is top quality as it’s made from New Zealand pine wood. You can get the nursery furniture in 3 piece nursery furniture sets of 4 piece nursery furniture sets, whatever your heart desires, you can view the full range or cribs and dressers and additional matching Babyletto nursery furniture including gliders and ottomans and matching crib bedding below.

View the latest price and availability of the Babyletto range below:

♥ Hudson (view here)

♥ Modo (view here)

♥ Lolly (view here)

♥ Scoot (view here)

♥ Where to Buy? Click Here

An example of a beautiful modern nursery is a Babyletto 3-in-1 convertible baby crib from any of the ranges above to give a very modern look. The Babyletto cribs go perfect with Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider (the most popular Babyletto nursery chair) that has hand sewn piping and made with water resistant and stain resistant Micro-suede with a metal base (um…very handy indeed). (The chair I bought to  match my Babyletto nursery furniture set is this!).

You will also find a matching Babyletto changing tables with each range if you view them above they are awesome (I know because I have one!) as they come with gliding drawers (who wants to waste more effort after handling a newborn all day).

The changing tray is also removable with each Babyletto changer/dresser which not only makes it super easy to clean but it also means that you buy 2 pieces of furniture for the price of one; the change table converts into a normal dresser

You will find a number of styles in dresser drawers in Babyletto and you can choose according to your space, budget and theme like Babyletto Modo Dresser that comes in white color with four drawers.

♥ Where to Buy? Click Here

♥ Babyletto Glider Chairs: Click Here to View

♥ Babyletto Crib Mattresses: Click Here to View

♥ Babyletto Changing Tables: Click Here to View

♥ Babyletto Bedding: Click Here to View

♥ Other: Cute Pop Chair, Tree Bookcase

Stork Craft Nursery Furniture

Strokcraft is among the best selling brands when it comes to baby nursery furniture, that is if you are wanting traditional looking baby furniture that is loved by many parents.

♥ Stork Craft Furniture: View Entire Range (Click Here)

Stork-Craft-Nursery-FurnitureGet This Look: ♥ Crib & Dresser5 Drawer Dresser

Stork Craft nursery furniture is famous for offering parents solid wood furniture which are available in some very beautiful and elegant colors which you can choose according to the theme of your baby room

The beautiful quality wood furniture for your baby’s nursery enhances the charm of that little sweet room.

View the entire range of Stork Craft nursery furniture below where you can get the crib + changing table + dresser + glider chair all matching!

♥ Cribs: Click Here to View All

♥ Changing Tables: Click Here to View All

♥ Chests & Drawers: Click Here to View All

♥ Glider Chairs: Click Here to View All

For example, the Stork Craft Tuscany range, including the crib, dresser and matching glider chair are available in the same design and colors; the espresso and biege combination being the most popular from this range.  To complement the traditional looking espresso baby crib, the Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman is offered in 6 wood finishes and 4 fabric choices and has the most comfortable seating.

When it comes to dresser and nursery room storage such as shelves, bookcases, storage cubes and dressers, the Stork Craft Avalon Dresser with 5 drawers (featured above) and non-toxic finish is one of the best selling from the range of Stork Craft baby furniture.

But wait, who knows where to finish really? Stork Craft have such a vast range of nursery furniture, you will undoubtedly have difficulty choosing because although the Tuscany range is beautiful, the Beatrice and Avalon collections (view here) also catch my eye with the six open shelves that will allow you a plenty of space to put towels, diapers, lotions and any other baby stuff, this is undoubtedly very handy! Who knows?

Do you like the range from Stork Craft or are you a Babyletto fan?

♥ Where to Buy? Click Here

DaVinci Nursery Furniture

DaVinci 3 piece nursery furniture collection is a less expensive brand, compared to the above mentioned two brands, although not low quality, they are not made with the same quality as the previous two. In saying this, they are still a great and inexpensive 3 piece nursery furniture set.

♥ DaVinci Furniture: View Entire Range (Click Here)

Davinci Nursery Furniture

DaVinci is GREENGUARD certified and provides quality and safety for our babies

If you have decided to decorate your baby room with DaVinci than the DaVinci Kalani Crib might be the best choice for you. To match this style crib you might like DaVinci Kalani Baby Dresser that comes in 5 different colors to exceed your needs and with 4 sturdy drawers to help you hide all the clutter that will mysteriously appear in the baby room after the baby.

♥ Where to Buy? Click Here

Now you know all the necessary things about setting up a baby room and you also know the brands. This is your head start and just keep one thing in mind you should be buying all necessary furniture so you won’t regret in the future that why you didn’t buy it in the set at the first place.

What Nursery Furniture Is Needed?

Now your mind is set for some outlaying or some credit card bills, all you need to do is decide on what you really need and fill up that room with nursery furniture. Don’t overload the room with unnecessary furniture items. You don’t want to stumble while baby is in your arms.

Here is a quick guide of the essential things you will need as baby room furniture

For a comprehensive guide, you can read our Nursery Furniture Guide: What Nursery Furniture Do You Need?).

♥ Crib: The Crib is the focal point of a baby room. Imagining a baby nursery without a baby crib is like imagining a wedding without a bride. Choose the crib carefully or you can take help from our baby crib buying guide. 3-1n-1 or 4-in-1 convertible cribs are considered to be the best cribs as they grow with your baby. You can change it to a daybed, toddler bed and then full day bed. Place the crib in the room carefully and check all the screws twice after assembling the baby crib also make sure there is no gap between the mattress and crib floor.

For more help on choosing the best baby crib, read our baby crib shopping guide here.

♥ Crib Mattress: Keep the one most important thing in your mind, never ever go for a softer mattress. A firmer mattress is the best type of baby crib mattress. It ensures the safety of your baby and isn’t it our main concern as parents?

For more information buying a crib mattress, read here.

♥ Crib Bedding: There are beautiful baby crib bedding sets available. Choose baby girl bedding or baby boy bedding and the baby crib will look even more beautiful.

Refer to our baby bedding guide, What Baby Bedding Do You Need? to ensure you are buying everything you need (have you thought about how many crib sheets do you really need?)

♥ Drawers and Bookshelf: Young and first-time parents always misunderstand the amount of the stuff that will be bombarding them after the baby.

Baby stuff is simply too much and though you will be thinking you have enough storage space, but trust me, you haven’t and will never have enough!

So, when you are buying your nursery furniture, also buy any drawers, bookshelves or dressers that come as part of the set to put the small clothes and other baby stuff, trust us, it is a must! And you will be needing a matched bookshelf to put all the story books you intend to read to your baby.

♥ Nursery Chairs: Having a nursery chair or a nursery glider will make your work easy, this is another one of our must have piece of nursery furniture we can’t live without. This chair will last a lifetime, it grows with the baby, there to help you nurse the baby to sleep, to breastfeed and also great for toddlers also.

For a list of the top nursery chairs to pick from, read our article here.

I was hesitant of buying the nursery chair for my first baby, I thought it unnecessary but my husband insisted of buying and geez…..the comforting, the cuddling, the singing the mama-baby time that nursery chair provided me was amazingly awesome. You wouldn’t want to miss that fun at any cost.

♥ Changing Table: This is also a must have for your baby nursery room. You will need to put all the necessary baby stuff there in the drawers on the changing table.

For a full list of the best changing tables and dressers, click here.

♥ Other Important Nursery Stuff: Now, after the above mentioned necessary things you still have wide space in the room you should buy some stuff for the baby room décor. You can buy night stands, fix wall shelves, buy storage baskets and last but not least, as we mentioned above, you should have a rocking chair for yourself as it will make the restless nights a bit bearable.

So where to start.? I’ve always believed, less is best, there is really only 3 of the best brands for affordable nursery furniture. Remember, don’t accept the standard colors, each of these inexpensive baby furniture sets comes in a variety of colors and styles, include black, white, cherry, oak, natural, espresso, grey and different styles, including modern, antique, unique , vintage and rustic.

Now that you have been presented with the top three brands for baby nursery sets, just remember you can always mix and match.

There is no hard and fast rule to decorate the baby room. It is all your choice.

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