4 Mistakes Parents Make In Their First Year (I’m Sure We All Do #1)

Last updated on January 26th, 2020 at 10:55 am

4 Mistakes Parents Make In Their First Year

After nine months of joyous anticipation, veiled apprehension, and endless adoration from envious relatives and friends, it is time for the baby to come. Moreover, you as a proud new parent, proudly cradle your bundle of joy with the utmost tenderness and care, as you head home for a happily ever after fairy tale life with your newest family member. Or so it appears to first-time parents….

How to relax with a babyUnfortunately the reality of raising newborn settles in at an alarming rate that often catches new parents by surprise. Moreover, as new parents you can make a plethora of mistakes in your first year. Apart from being overly cute and making beautiful baby noises accompanied by heart melting smiles, babies abound with a less than glamorous side.

They spit up foods, vomit; soil pampers, cry at every given opportunity and interrupt your sleeping patterns at a very alarming rate.

After years of being parents ourselves and watching other parents we have gathered 4 common mistakes that new parents make in the first year that makes our parenting life a lot more difficult than it really should be. Take note and relax, you will be surprised, once you relax, your baby will too and everything will be alot easier!

It’s a given that you will lose sleep/have no sleep in the first year of being a new parent. For some parents, their babies sleep better than others. I haven’t listed ‘having no sleep’ as a mistake below, because it really isn’t a mistake. If your baby isn’t sleeping, it’s not necessarily your fault. But one thing I’d like to note here is that if your newborn baby, or your child is having trouble sleeping, seek as much information about trying to improve it without struggling alone. There is one in-particular sleep consultant, Jo Anna Inks that I admire and can’t recommend enough to change your sleepless nights to non-sleepless nights.

#1: Panicking Over Anything and Everything

Panicking just turns you into a nervous wreck.

Does the baby have too many or too few bowel movements? Do they cry when they are too full or too hungry?

These are some of the issues that drive new parents up the wall. There are no adequate answers to these questions, and new parents only need to relax, babies are often more resilient parents they credit them to be. Adopting a sober approach that is not laced with fear is the only way to figure out your baby’s needs.

#2: Not Letting Your Baby Cry

Well, babies do cry when they need attention, they cry when they are hungry, they cry when they tried, and other times they cry for no good reason. They are designed to cry, and that is a fact.

Trying to Let Your Baby CryThey can be well-fed, perfectly diapered and still cry like there is no off button.

However, this does not mean that you have to cuddle and console them all the time. It is okay to let them exercise their lungs (to some extent anyway) and let them have a cry and then step in when they appear inconsolable. No, you are not a bad parent if you do not trip over yourself rushing up the stairs to console your child.

That said; incessant crying bouts accompanied by other physical symptoms warrant a trip to the doctors – not a panic attack.

#3: Wrapping Them Too Tightly

It is rather obvious that little babies are overly sensitive from day 1 and can

quickly contract colds and other associated ailments at any given time.

However, this does not warrant over doing it in the opposite direction – overdressing.

Swathing your baby in too many layers of clothes is just as dangerous, it leads to overheating – which increases the risk of cot death.

As long as the room temperature is warm and comfortable enough, you can dress your baby as lightly as possible, even during winters.

#4: Too Much Information From Too Many Sources

“Welcome to the Mommies club and here’s my piece of advice,”

“There is this great website for new mothers you should check it out”

“When my little Jamie was small I fed her…”

A new parents everyday life is replete with such conversations, enough to make your head spin. You need to have the courage to filter out the necessary information and discard the rest. Just because something is popular or worked for your friend it does not make it mandatory for you to adopt it. Settle on a small click of trusted advisers and sources that make you feel comfortable (we hope we are one of them, of course!), and have fun with your baby. You can read more information on toddler behavior and parenting here.

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